Clarity: NPT-0103 on a Query when adding a custom attribute to the Build Weighted Average Formula of the Risk Attribute

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Error "NPT-0103" is generated on an NSQL Query that uses the @INVESTMENT_SQL@ internal data provider

and a user-defined, custom attribute is added to the Build Weighted Average Formula of the Investment Risk Attribute

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Admin Tool > Objects > Project Object

  2. Add a new attribute to the project object of data type Number.

  3. Open the Risk attribute on the project object and click on the [Build Weighted Average Formula] link.

  4. There will be a blank row at the bottom of the list.

  5. Click on the New Row button

  6. In that empty pull down, select the attribute you created in step 2.

  7. Click Save then Submit the formula.

  8. Click Submit on the Risk Attribute page as well.

  9. Create a new query.

  10. Paste the following NSQL into your new query:
    SELECT @select:dim:user_def:implied:investment:q.inv_invest_id:investment_int_id@,@select:dim_prop:user_def:implied:investment:q.unique_code:investment_id@, (@INVESTMENT_SQL@) qWHERE @FILTER@@column_list(@INVESTMENT_SQL@, INV_INVEST_ID, UNIQUE_CODE, NAME)@
  11. Click Save and Continue

  12. The query saves without error.

  13. Go back to the NSQL of your query and modify the query to add a row for the risk attribute to the select:
    SELECT @select:dim:user_def:implied:investment:q.inv_invest_id:investment_int_id@,@select:dim_prop:user_def:implied:investment:q.unique_code:investment_id@,,@select:dim_prop:user_def:implied:investment:q.risk:investment_risk@FROM (@INVESTMENT_SQL@) qWHERE @FILTER@@column_list(@INVESTMENT_SQL@, INV_INVEST_ID, UNIQUE_CODE, NAME, RISK)@
  14. Click Save and Continue

Expected: No error on the query.
Actual: Error NPT-0103: Error when trying to execute the query.





Resolved in Clarity 12.0.5.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-43938, clarity12resolved, clarity1205resolved.