Clarity JOB(s) Sequence: This sequence will update all of the out-of-the-box Clarity-Tables.

Document ID : KB000053168
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This JOB(s) Sequence will update the Clarity-Tables and Updates Reporting-Information.


The following list and sequence of Clarity-JOBs, will update the Clarity-Tables when Run in this order. This sequence of JOBs, only needs to be Run once, in order to populate all of the Clarity-Tables. This will also update the information returned within Reports.

List & JOB Sequence which will update the Clarity-Tables:

  1. Post-Timesheets
  2. Time-Slices
  3. Update Earned-Value History (New JOB in v12)
  4. Investment Allocation
  5. Rate-Matrix-Extraction
  6. Update Hierarchy-Data
  7. Post-Transactions to Financials | Post to WIP (not a job, through App)
  8. Datamart-Extraction
  9. Datamart-Rollup