Clarity: If Capitalization % is Entered in Clarity, it does not get reflected in OWB

Document ID : KB000017421
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If Capitalization % is entered in Clarity, it does not get reflected in Open Workbench (OWB).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Project in Clarity.
  2. Click on the Team tab and add a team member.
  3. If the Capitalization % field is not already showing as a column in the Team view:

    a. Click on the Options icon and select Configure.
    b. Move Capitalization % from Available Columns to Selected Columns.
    c. Click Save and Return.

  4. Change the Capitalization % for the resource to 100% and click Save.
  5. Open the project in OWB by clicking on the Properties tab, then Open in Scheduler and selecting Workbench [Read-Write]
  6. Observe the Capitalization % field for the resource there.

If you Click the Save icon in OWB, you can observe the Warnings in the app-ca.log

Expected Results: Capitalization % field in OWB should be updated with what is in Clarity.

Actual Results: Capitalization % field in OWB is blank.


  • If you edit the field in Clarity, and then you open in OWB and then save the OWB schedule back to Clarity, even though the field shows blank in OWB, it does not remove the Capitalization % in Clarity.
  • The warning message you will see in the logs when saving the OWB schedule back to Clarity is "Attempting to set field capital_percentage to null and column does not allow nulls. Ignoring setField."


Workaround: Set Capitalization % in OWB.

This is currently being reviewed as CLRT-75728 for a resolution.