Clarity: Finish_Date Incorrect On Cost Plan Table ODF_SSL_CST_DTL_COST When 0 Is Entered

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Upon entering 0 (zero) into a cost plan cell, all other records for same line item in ODF_SSL_CST_DTL_COST table have finish_date updated to one less day than the correct day. This causes the slices for the line item to be missing 1 day of slice value per plan period. The symptom can be seen from the UI where other cells for this same line item still display the original values on the Flat View, but display a slightly less amount on the Aggregated View.

The data is then corrected when Time Slicing runs, the records with 0 value in the slice column are removed while the finish_date for the other records on the same line items get reset to the correct dates. This means any reporting data or use of Aggregated View after the plan is updated with 0, and before the next Time Slicing job completes, will produce incorrect amount.

Steps to Reproduce:
Prerequisite: Time Slicing is not scheduled to run during replication

  1. Create a new project, create a new cost plan, monthly period, starts January 2013 and ends December 2013, group by transaction class, sub group by Charge Code (grouping attributes and plan periods may be different)
  2. Add 2 line items to the cost plans manually
  3. Edit Mode, enter $500 for Jan, Feb and Mar 2012, for each of the line items. The plan total is $3000
  4. this query returns 6 rows, one for each cell and they add up to the correct amount

    select * from ODF_SSL_CST_DTL_COST
    where prj_object_id in (select id from FIN_COST_PLAN_DETAILS
    where plan_id=<nnnnnnn>)
    -- plan_id <nnnnnnn> is the internal ID for the cost plan, visible via the URL on cost plan properties page

  5. change values for the first line item to 0 for the months of February and March leaving January with $500, save.
  6. Run the query above

Expected Result: All rows returned should have the correct finish_dates as before the update. For January 2013 the finish_date should be 2/1/2013
Actual Result: All rows for the same line item are updated with an incorrect finish_date that is 1 day less than the correct value. For January 2013 the finish_date is 1/31/2013



This issue affects 12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.1.3 and 13.0
Resolved in Clarity 12.1.1 Generic Patch. Reference TEC553491
Resolved in Clarity 12.1.3 Generic Patch. Reference TEC570813
Resolved in Clarity 13.1.0

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