Clarity - Document Manager Filestore Questions

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have an On Premise installation and have some questions regarding the configuration of the Document Manager Filestore. Can you please answer these questions for On Premise installations.


Question 1:
How can we tell if our documents will be stored in the Clarity database or on our specified file structure?

Through your Clarity System Administration (CSA) application, you can see your configuration for your Filestore.

When you log into your CSA - go to the Server Properties Tab, then select 'Search' from the Tab Menu Choices.

Here you will see following options:

  1. Use Synchronous Indexing - checkbox

  2. Store Files in Database - this is a checkbox - Caution - if this is already checked DO NOT uncheck it - if you do so you will lose all the files currently stored within the database. (this answers question #2)

  3. Index Directory - must have this information regardless of where you are storing your files. This is used by the searching functionality.

  4. Filestore Directory - used if files are not stored in the Database - this is where you can designate the top level folder where the documents are going to be stored - the application will automatically create sub-directories and the files will be stored there.

Question 2:
If we currently have the installation configured to store documents in the Clarity database, is it possible to change the configuration to use a specific file structure and how difficult is the transition?

NO - If you currently have your application configured to store files in the Database, it is not recommended to change the configuration - you will lose your existing files.