Clarity: DMS-01032: The system did not receive the file data. There was either a session timeout, or the uploaded data exceeded the maximum size limit

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When an end-user is attempting to upload a file into Clarity Collaboration on a project or in the Knowledge Store, they encounter the DMS-01032 error message. The file size of 5MB is under the configured size limitation of 20MB, so maybe there is a session timeout? How can we determine the root cause of this issue?

Error Message in Clarity application user interface:

Figure 1


In this situation, we need to examine the Application (APP-CA.LOG) log file.

The DMS-01032 error message is NOT appearing in the log file as expected.

However, there are repeated WARNING messages found for different pages and specifically for the Project Collaboration File Manager page.

WARN 2014-02-10 14:41:00,479 [http-bio-8043-exec-36] web.WebActionController

(clarity:e5y1b2z:27824114__0357AFCF-F26A-4948-939F-BEA6DFECD57D: dms.ProjectsFileManager)

Cyclic Web Request Detected. Set tenant's entryUrl or the 'entryUrl' and 'sslEntryUrl' for each Web Server Instance in configuration file(s) as per Clarity Installation Document to avoid infinite and/or improper URL redirection. Clarity should be always accessed using the entry URL specified or its aliases (or IP address).

This warning message indicates that the customer is running into a potential infinite redirection issue in an SSL enabled system configuration.

As per the Clarity 13.2 or 13.3 Change Impact and Upgrade Guide, a configuration change is needed to avoid this potential problem.

Here are the details as described in the Change Impact and Upgrade Guide for making the recommended configuration changes when using SSL :

Potential Infinite URL Redirect Issue

Potential infinite URL redirect issues can arise when you run CA Clarity PPM in SSL mode.

To avoid these issues, we recommend entering the same host name in the following locations:

The URL to access the application


The HTTPS Entry URL field in the Application subtab under the Properties tab in Clarity System Administration

Complete these steps if you see the infinite URL redirect issue while operating in SSL mode:

  1. Stop the application services.

  2. Review the HTTPS Entry URL field in CSA.

  3. Correct the entry if needed and restart the application services.

NOTE: Other pages may exhibit different behavior and generate this 'WARN' message in the application log file which can be resolved with these steps.

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