Clarity 13.3.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with CA Clarity PPM 13.3.0 implementations to install the current CA Clarity PPM 13.3.0 Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below.

NOTE: Upgrade path from CA Clarity PPM 13.3 to CA PPM 14.1 is supported for implementations with Generic Patch #1 thru #7 only. Later Generic Patch versions will be tested and verified for the next release after CA PPM 14.1. Reference the CA PPM v14.1 Change Impact and Upgrade Guide, Chapter 2 for more specific details on upgrade paths.


Patches are intended to be timely fixes and are not fully regression or integration tested, and are only tested against the issues listed below. CA feels confident that this patch will resolve the addressed problems, but customers should be aware that a patch could have adverse side effects to the function of their Clarity application. Customers should not apply patches directly to production systems without first verifying in a test environment. If any issues arise in the installation or use of this patch, please contact CA Support.

NOTE: A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.  The Readme' file attached to this article may include updated details that may not be reflected within the 'Readme' file included in the 'jar' package.  Refer to this attachment for any updates.

Version/Build: 14 5 (aka  
Documentation:  README File
On Premise General Availability: October 12, 2015
SaaS Service Availability: To be Announced 
NOTE: Patch #14 is the final patch released for v13.3.


Resolved Issues in This Release:

CLRT-75519: Performance degradation while opening project in OWB (TEC617807)
CLRT-75438: Opening a project in OWB is taking long time (TEC1266014)

Resolved Issues included from Prior Release:

CLRT-77572: Navigating to the Incident List has slower performance when user has restricted access rights (TEC1594603)
CLRT-77539: Idea Financial Plans in Portfolio Spread when Save is done on the idea (TEC1736614
CLRT-77534: PRSUBMITTEDBY does not get updated when timesheet gets submitted via XOG (TEC1984436)
NOTE: Refer to patch ReadMe file or complete technical article details for special instructions regarding the fix for CLRT-77534. 
CLRT-77379: Audited attribute value changes made through OWB display the wrong changed by user and timestamp through the Global Audit Trail (TEC1144547
CLRT-77256: A XOG read of a project with a large number of tasks takes far longer in v13.3 than it did in v12.1.3 (TEC1088114)
CLRT-75775: Waterline performance issues with moving waterline and/or investments (TEC1638861
CLRT-74374: Incorrect Report Parameter passed when Report Run from saved reports for Multiselect OBS (TEC1006284)
CLRT-74259: Audit fields Changed By and Date Timestamp for OBS incorrect (TEC616028)
CLRT-74042: If you use Auto-Suggest to select an OBS value for a Clarity Report parameter the report does not run and you get error Invalid argument type (TEC613848)     
CLRT-77179: Process triggering when starting condition is not met (TEC1440474)  
CLRT-77061: Billing currency rate for an Idea gets changed to the default value automatically once Save button is clicked in some other subpage (TEC1295854)
CLRT-76643: TABLE_NAME is corrupted in PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS when creating a Service (TEC1482334)
CLRT-75652: Editing Start or Finish Dates on Gantt results in Error if Task Start/Finish Dates Display are Set to Date and Time (TEC617010)
CLRT-76783: XOG fails while updating a project hierarchy due to a possible allocation rounding (TEC1211148)
CLRT-75949: Cost plan TSV cells are editable / non-editable based on the configuration of the first cost plan that was accessed on the current user session (TEC1469412
CLRT-75970: VersionOne connector support for CA Clarity PPM 13.3 (TEC1826525)  
CLRT-75822:  Login action fails to set LAST_LOGGED_IN_DATE during SSO login if the SSO username token does not match the case of the USER_NAME in CMN_SEC_USERS exactly (TEC1969347)   
CLRT-75745: Task % Complete calculated incorrectly in Gantt (TEC1290353)    
CLRT-74020: [--Object ID--] is missing in the Object Attribute ID list for a Lookup Parameter Mapping (TEC613849)    
CLRT-73805: Portfolio Properties link doesn't have a option to map it to the Portfolio ID (TEC1062246)      
CLRT-75435: If Assignment has actuals, ETC segment changes get merged into one segment when you click save twice (TEC617899)
CLRT-75189: XOG output of the Rate Matrix shows duplicate rows (TEC614213)
CLRT-75178: Aggregation in Hard Allocation is not filtering based on Request Status (TEC617898)
CLRT-72484: Projects get added to the My Projects list after creating/updating Status Report or custom subobjects on the project (TEC615273)
CLRT-75515: Auto schedule option in OWB moves the plan more and more in the future as the auto scheduling action is run consequent times (TEC617009)
CLRT-72689: When you add any OBS attribute to project list view performance of the list view becoming unacceptable (TEC1291565)    
CLRT-75089: XOG with FilterByCustomInfo generates "ORA-00933: SQL Command not properly ended (TEC1053773)   
CLRT-75209: Custom attributes with OBS lookup throws System Error if it is Multi-Select (TEC615215)
CLRT-74549: Clarity Requirement Name does not show up in OWB Task Resource Properties View (TEC615272)
CLRT-73920: Report email notifications links should be redirected to Federated SSO URL (TEC615214)
CLRT-73919: Error 500 - Set Allocation - Request Status attribute (TEC615213)
ClarityContentFilter blocks request to /niku/odata/GetNavigatorMenuBean in SSO enabled OD environments on, preventing access to the Administration UI menu (TEC617539)  
CLRT-75048: Time Scaled Value (ETC by Period) cannot be scrolled On Assignments  (TEC617530
CLRT-75044: Process creates duplicate job logs, update instructions are executed twice etc. which causes data inconsistencies (TEC618169)   
CLRT-75014: Translation problem when send an action item (Notification) (TEC617296)  
CLRT-74924: Traditional Chinese characters on the Department OBS or any other OBS are not shown correctly. They show as ????????? (TEC617383
CLRT-74189: projmgr.teamList will retrieve team records for every project if the projectId value is excluded from the GET or POST parameter data, resulting in OutOfMemory on large datasets for users with global rights (TEC617528)
CLRT-73794: Scroll bar doesn't appear for navigating Currency Code list when editing a "money" attribute (TEC604719)
CLRT-72894: Relationship Value appears blank on Task Dependencies; the value is missing in the list (TEC1893127)  
CLRT-72643: The action item on the organizer shows Closed as an additional value into the possible options on the drop down list (TEC615274)
CLRT-72484: Projects get added to the My Projects list after creating/updating Status Report or custom sub-objects on the project (TEC615273)
CLRT-74665: User with basic access in Clarity is able to access Team Staff and Team Detail page of any project by tampering the URL (TEC613363)
CLRT-74629: The mobile app shows timesheets for a resource prior to his Date of Hire or after his Date of Termination (TEC612012)
CLRT-74591: Role Default Allocation Resets to 1% on Certain Scenarios (TEC612557)
CLRT-74536: Internal network error on Microsoft Windows results in "Unable to process request - server error" popup and client error status codes 12152, 12031, 12030 in the app-ca.log (TEC612559)
CLRT-74447: Process gets stuck in the Pending Retry status after clicking the Retry button in the messages screen (TEC612558)
CLRT-74437: MTM: Approver Tile: Needs Approval > shows closed time periods with ability to approve or return timesheets (TEC612777)
CLRT-73846: XOG out of an attachment is failing in 13.3 (TEC612572)
CLRT-73701: Left and Right Scroll buttons on 'Time Scaled Value' of custom object does not work (TEC611406)
CLRT-73694: Mobile timesheets: Simple timesheet submitter sees the "Needs Approval" tile even though they do not have rights to approve timesheets (TEC612571)
CLRT-73465: OWB Does Not Save Just Delta (TEC611228)
NOTE: On Demand Customers will have the OWB fix included in their 13.3.0 Generic Patch #3 installation. The issue is resolved when the end-user downloads and installs the updated OWB Client software and you can verify the version within OWB - It should indicate OWB Version 2.1.1 ( 04 3)
CLRT-74459: Object instance XOG read in 13.3 when there are 3 layer objects involved (TEC611565)
CLRT-74394: Master setting in CSA to limit the max rows for Export to Excel (TEC611566)
CLRT-74207: Cannot create a Change Request on a project that has the same internal id as an Existing Change request that has locked attributes (TEC611405)
CLRT-74167: Portfolio Target values are multiplied by 1000 at saving time when the Clarity locale is anything except English (TEC615137)
CLRT-74129: MTM: Posted Timesheet hours in Clarity show as Unsubmitted 0 hours in mobile time manager application (TEC615138)
CLRT-72632: The action item's "Click Here" link for Timesheet processes has an incorrect id, resulting in an error or wrong action item when the user clicks the link (TEC1920964)
CLRT-69156: OBS Association through XOG does not work when overrideAutoNumbering is used in the xml file (TEC615141)
CLRT-74276: Column graphs lost the option to have multi-colored bars (TEC1693037)    
CLRT-74240: BPM process escalation results in OutOfMemory by adding duplicate links to the object link set (TEC1299508)   
CLRT-74199: Role Replacement via Resource finder on Team changes the maximum % load on assignment in r13.3 when in r12.1.3 it did not (TEC614154)
CLRT-74152: OWB 2.1.1 ETC and Actual Hours Not Showing on Resource Summary (TEC614117)
CLRT-74061: PERF: PRJ_OBS_ASSOCIATIONS ID and LAST_UPDATED_DATE fields are updated upon Save action when no changes were entered by user (TEC606853)
CLRT-74041: Query for Financial page from Project properties runs slowly due to full table scans of DEPARTMENT and LOCATIONDEPT tables (TEC614116)
CLRT-73978: NSQL Query XOGS fail in Clarity 13.3 (TEC614115)
CLRT-73928: Post Timesheets Job generates NullPointerException Error when attempting to calculate the Task Assignment Actual Cost value (TEC605969)
CLRT-73904: Error OSF-0005 - When you lock partition attribute or MVL attribute or attachment attribute in Idea / Project / Custom object (TEC611944)
CLRT-73866: Other Work Investment instance is not populated in Timesheet (TEC606854)
CLRT-73717: Home Resource List page is displaying time according to the time zone set for user in Account Settings while the Administration Resource List page is displaying according to the time zone of the server machine (TEC607075)
CLRT-73428: NBI_PROJECT_CURRENT_FACTS not populating correctly (TEC611942)
CLRT-73080: Clarity V13 Bubble chart legend missing (TEC602243) Note: See TECDOC Details as this fix has been removed
CLRT-72084: Clarity privileges were found to be associated to a session token (TEC611941)
CLRT-73934: When an apostrophe character is used in XOG read of financial plans then error message exposes db tables and columns which could be misused (TEC606786)
CLRT-73882: XOG read causing double parsing error (TEC606784)
CLRT-73709: Update Allocation From Estimates job runs for days, can result in OutOfMemory exceptions and consumes 100% CPU (TEC606795)
CLRT-73607: Copy Cost Plan job does not copy budget plan (TEC602491)
CLRT-73534: Task filtering on timesheets takes longer in Clarity 13 when grouping by Task Hierarchy (TEC602492)
CLRT-73506: Resource department setting does not synchronize with resource financial properties (TEC606783)
CLRT-73460: After, timesheet submitters now have the Timesheet page view that only approvers should see (TEC602450)
CLRT-73093: User is unable to XOG in a cost plan with grouping attribute selected as resource and inactive resources provided in the details (TEC600257)
CLRT-73080: Clarity V13 Bubble Chart legend missing (TEC602243)
CLRT-73029: Post To WIP does post both Imported transactions and Timesheet transactions even though only Imported transactions have been filtered (TEC605210)
CLRT-72958: Department OBS browse extremely slow with many departments and locations (TEC606471)
CLRT-72957: Process Action Item status can be updated by both the resource assigned to it and the process initiator within the Organizer - Action Items portlet (TEC602484)
CLRT-72751: Bubble Chart Quadrant Goes away when zone background is checked (TEC602244)
CLRT-72693: Multiple BPM processes do not lock all attributes as expected (TEC606262)
CLRT-72569: Attributes in available column are displayed twice (TEC605321)
CLRT-72566: XOG: prj_projects_from_template_write.xml is not creating the new project with the templates page layout value (TEC600898)
CLRT-72408: Project ETC and EAC hours increasing after role replace (TEC605316)
CLRT-72391: OBS auto-suggest query is still too inefficient for large OBS structures and fails to paginate results at the query level (TEC605315)
CLRT-72376: Gantt - Save a task with 1 resource who is not in team staff page is slow (TEC606254)
CLRT-69041: Bubble Charts: Legends/Labels use code rather than value (TEC605258)


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