Clarity 13.1.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with Clarity 13.1.0 implementations to install the current Clarity 13.1.0 Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below.


To obtain the latest Clarity 13.1.0 Generic Patch, log a case with our Technical Support team and request the latest Patch for download. The latest versionis an accumulation of the previous versions for the identified resolved issues listed below.

Patches are intended to be timely fixes and are not fully regression or integration tested, and are only tested against the issues listed below. CA feels confident that this patch will resolve the addressed problems, but customers should be aware that a patch could have adverse side effects to the function of their Clarity application. Customers should not apply patches directly to production systems without first verifying in a test environment. If any issues arise in the installation or use of this patch, please contact CA Support.

A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.

Version/Build: 0016
Documentation: Readme.txt
Released On: January 24, 2014

Resolved Issues in This Release:
CLRT-64628:Export to Excel (data only) performance hit when exporting large amounts of data using ootb data providers and OBS security ( TEC599600)
CLRT-73044: Performance: Department Browse lookup (LOOKUP_PARAM_DEPT_CODE) may be slow with thousands of departments ( TEC614116)
CLRT-70338: ERROR: PRJ-07101: "Request has invalid or missing parameter: id" - Encountered when specifying Resource Filter for Assignments

NOTE: CLRT-70338 is listed again for patch #9 (originally fixed in patch #7) because it was inadvertently dropped from the package in patch #8
CLRT-69756: OWB summary task status not changeable in column view, only in Task properties (where % Calculation method = Manual)
CLRT-70029: OWB: Autoschedule on Started Tasks with Fixed Duration will not move the ETC forward
CLRT-71791: GL Allocation should slice both credit and debit allocations (TEC607062)
CLRT-73506: Resource department setting does not synchronize with resource financial properties ( TEC606783)
CLRT-73143: Cannot change Default Allocation % from 100% to 1%
CLRT-72400: Cannot edit cost plan in the last fiscal period when using Specific Date or Rolling Date for the cost plan start date ( TEC595946)
CLRT-71192: Financial Planning: Clicking on the configure icon on the Billing view page and hitting return throws 401 error

Resolved Issues in Previous Release:
Clarity V13 Bubble Chart legend missing ( TEC602243)
CLRT-72751:Bubble Chart Quadrant Goes away when zone background is checked ( TEC602244)
CLRT-73160: Navigating to the Idea - List, without global Idea - View All right, generates a query that may result in Cartesian product, and be very slow to the point that the system stops responding (TEC602112)
CLRT-72693:Multiple BPM processes do not lock all attributes as expected ( TEC606262)
CLRT-73093:User is unable to XOG in a cost plan with grouping attribute selected as resource and inactive resources provided in the details ( TEC606257)
CLRT-71249:When there is a large quantity of tasks added in one timesheet it causes the Error TMA-0115 during the update ( TEC589455)
CLRT-73029:Post To WIP does post both Imported transactions and Timesheet transactions even though only Imported transactions have been filtered ( TEC605210)
CLRT-65436:Timeslicing inconsistencies with data in slices records for prassignment Actuals after it has been successfully run ( TEC611402)
CLRT-69041:Bubble Charts: Legends/Labels use code rather than value ( TEC605258)
CLRT-57419: XOG/WSDL import of records is not using partition specific autonumbering schemes and always uses the System (NIKU.ROOT) scheme
CLRT-69539: XOG: Unable to update the Entity and Department OBS of a project using the OBSAssocs tag
CLRT-72376:Gantt - Save a task with 1 resource who is not in team staff page is slow ( TEC606254)
CLRT-67798: Notifications Template not displaying all information
CLRT-71678: Team Object Power Filter Error (TEC602412)
CLRT-72408:Project ETC and EAC hours increasing after role replace ( TEC605316)
CLRT-70130:Billing Currency view is not recalculated when Investment Currency view is modified to zero ( TEC607080)
CLRT-72487: ORA-26563: renaming this table is not allowed - patch apply failed due to the presence materialized view logs on NBI_PRT_FACTS on the database
CLRT-72958:Department OBS browse extremely slow with many departments and locations ( TEC606471)
CLRT-70471:OWB right-mouse click on a Task Autoschedule option missing if OS Regional Settings language = French or Portuguese ( TEC607077)
CLRT-72418: Value by using Datediff function in MSSQL in special cases are not in sync with Oracle
CLRT-72500: Display Mapping section disappears when switching the Type drop-down list from Color to Icon
CLRT-72312: Bubble charts: smaller bubbles may disappear, hidden by larger bubbles; there is no visual feedback that such smaller bubbles do exist in the chart
CLRT-70954:SSL Configuration causes application to hang and generate java.lang.StackOverflowError ( TEC589700)
CLRT-72354: Post condition comparing to previous value worked in 12.1 and no longer works in 13.1
CLRT-71897: Scheduled Report Email Links send users to the wrong login page
CLRT-71459:XOG operation in a J2EE environment throws a Multitenant RuntimeException because the tenant context is not present ( TEC589776)
CLRT-71676: Error when XOG write a cost plan that uses project specific charge codes
CLRT-72368: Timesheet page performance
CLRT-71525: Hash Symbol (#) in user login ID will cause the Home tab not to work and Administration tab will be dropped
CLRT-69086:Long URL is being generated for some object actions like 'Accept Hard Allocation', 'Commit Planned Allocation' ( TEC593775)
CLRT-68048: Can not get the correct value by using Datediff function
CLRT-69595: Generate Invoices job exhausts heap on systems with huge amounts of data in WIP to be processed due to PMD statements retrieving large resultsets
CLRT-71494: XOG does not update Vendor information in resources
CLRT-70338: ERROR: PRJ-07101: "Request has invalid or missing parameter: id" - Encountered when specifying Resource Filter for Assignments
CLRT-69533:Investment Team Members Inactive, Rate Matrix Resource Class Column Configured, Populate Cost Plan, Error Rates Missing ( TEC577441)
CLRT-72144:ORA-04068: existing state of packages has been discarded - Datamart Job in Oracle RAC ( TEC593413)
CLRT-72216:Performance Issue with Login and GANTT ( TEC596111)
CLRT-72093: Performance issues on Gantt chart caused by inefficient call to projmgr.tentativeSubprojectsFlat, retrieving all rows from INV_INVESTMENTS
CLRT-49647: When setting required on a view attribute it does not appear on the create view for an object
CLRT-71624: Values disappear in lookup when in-line editing but not making any changes
CLRT-71783: Export to Excel exports wrong percent values for a Custom TSV attribute
CLRT-69996: Static lookup type attribute displays both active and inactive values even though only one value is active
CLRT-72116: MSP: Buffer overflow in NikuStreamMgr.dll when Clarity is SSL enabled
CLRT-70480:GL Allocation Aggregation total shows incorrect values ( TEC590767)
CLRT-71108: Convert Idea to Project using Project Template causing unauthorized error
CLRT-71365:DEBUG logging in Clarity 13.1 almost always results in "logging is not allowed for this action". ( TEC591657)
CLRT-70035: Datamart Job takes 1100 minutes (18 hours) when run in scheduled mode and takes 400 minutes (6.6 hours) when run in immediate mode for customers on 13.1
NOTE: CLRT-70035 is fixed in, in there are further optimizations in Datamart job.
CLRT-71641: User is able to XOG in budget plan with '0' as total cost in submitted/approved/rejected state with or with out benefit plan linked where as in UI cost plan with '0' as total cost cannot be used for submit for approval.
CLRT-71510: Export to Excel (E2E) fails to export dates when the clarity app server's LANG settings are not set to en_US.UTF-8
CLRT-71585: Login performance issue with 13.1.x & 13.2
CLRT-71263:Process Engine Post Condition executes high number of attribute isAudited checks instead of utilizing ODF cache ( TEC589698)
CLRT-71402: Compare to Clarity 12, editing project "Status" attribute on the project in V13 is not connected to access rights "Project - Approve - All"
CLRT-70970: Server crashes with Out of memory when a 18.5 MB Excel Spreadsheet is added to the document manager
CLRT-47239:Configuring Filter Layout executes all dynamic query lookups returning all results causing OutOfMemory exception ( TEC510315)
CLRT-67890:Error 500 - Submit Cost Plan as a new Budget for Approval when Start Period is different than existing approved Budget Start Period ( TEC568850)
CLRT-68970:r13.0x Home -> Organizer -> Tasks -> Options -> Export to Excel (Data Only) only opens empty screen and doesn't launch Excel export ( TEC616050)
CLRT-70741: Post-upgrade script (POSTUPGRADE_57954_DEL_PROC_INST_ASSGND_OBJ_PERM.xml) is taking a long time to complete
CLRT-71048:Disabling of the Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks security in the properties.xml file breaks processes ( TEC589453)
CLRT-68730:ORA-00001 unique constraint violated when creating a project from template that has custom lookup with default value ( TEC581256)
CLRT-70553:OBS unit pagination doesn't work during adding rights with OBS units ( TEC590768)
CLRT-70755: In a custom process, with timesheet as primary object and resource as linked object, conditions based on few resource attributes' does not work as configured (TEC591748)
CLRT-69413: Cost Plan Details Performance: Inline editing a particular cell/double clicking the cell on the cost plan details page takes too long to make the cell editable when grouping by all 10 attributes
CLRT-69941:E2E: Cost Plan List View Sort causes Error 500 for Cost Plan Detail Export to Excel (Data Only) Option ( TEC617021)
CLRT-70212:Cannot Submit Cost Plan with Amount Less than 1.00 ( TEC581934)
CLRT-70708: Space Leak on NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS table
CLRT-69875:Requisition notification not sent when Locale is Polish, Czech, French ( TEC602325)
CLRT-70461: XOG in Project Hierarchy with applications creates records in PRSUBPROJECT table
CLRT-69838:When a timesheet is adjusted all notes from all different tasks end up on the first task of the timesheet ( TEC523616)
CLRT-70922: Addition of hierarchy does not generate ODF events
CLRT-70967: Bootstrap hangs with running JGROUP threads and doesn't exit if object is event enabled
CLRT-70773: Background server consumes all CPU and is attempting to connect to SQL Server when configured for Oracle
CLRT-70462: webroot/WEB-INF/xog/xql/requirements_read.xbl has incorrect backslashes and XOG read of requirements fails on UNIX platforms
CLRT-70096: Idea Object Financial OBS field should not appear and is causing issues
CLRT-70415: Unbooking requisitions do not work on a system that does not allow Mixed Booking
CLRT-69948: Out of memory error during Timeslice for certain datasets
CLRT-70483:Action Item Details Objects link is blank on custom object based action items ( TEC616176)
CLRT-70475: Custom Object Property Views are missing Display Conditions and Property Sets
CLRT-70035: Datamart Job takes 1100 minutes (18 hours) when run in scheduled mode and takes 400 minutes (6.6 hours) when run in immediate mode for customers on 13.1
CLRT-57954:Process instance rights are Orphaned in the cmn_sec_assgnd_obj_perm table when a process is deleted via the UI or via the Process Instance Delete job ( TEC578742)
CLRT-66887:Cannot Edit Last TSV Period when it is positioned in last column in Cost Plan Detail ( TEC576192)
CLRT-67331: Cookie management
CLRT-69814: Log into Clarity via SSO and the Last Logged In Date is blank or null
CLRT-70034: The Status Report object will fail to open if you add any Baseline attribute as a virtual field after an ODF_CA_INV virtual field
CLRT-70327: Cost Variance is incorrect in TSV of cost plans when actuals are posted against a transaction class not forecasted in the cost plan
CLRT-70386: The crossdomain.xml file we generate for Xcelsius use is restricted for on-premise customers
CLRT-65335: Export to Excel Produces Worksheets That Are Not Named, Some Sheets Do Not Contain Data
CLRT-66208: Portlet is showing html break tag < 'br' > instead of a separate line.
CLRT-67619:V13 Locale setting not working with date picker; calendar pop-up always starts on Monday ( TEC571117)
CLRT-68389: Pending Estimates in MSP showing 0 in Number1 column in other views than Task Usage
CLRT-69002: Summary task doesn't get complete if all fixed duration child tasks start and complete on a non working day and then EVM runs
CLRT-69072: XOG behavior is different than UI on Task Update action
CLRT-69073: Project XOG results in Duration Wrong On Summary Task
CLRT-69349:OWB: The Task Status field is blank in views when the project % Complete Calculation Method is set to Effort ( TEC581836)
CLRT-69411:After upgrading the Clarity from 12.1.2 to 12.1.3 all processes that use the OBS in step post condition stopped working ( TEC576381)
CLRT-69529: From Favorites menu click on Configure. Receive Error 401. URL built when they go to Configure is wrong
CLRT-69534:Department field appear on NPIO main properties page once the NPIO object is associated with any non-financial OBS ( TEC568282)
CLRT-69583: OWB: Task Usage Variance and Task Usage Variance (Aggregate) display the same value as the Baseline Usage for a subproject
CLRT-69712: Time-varying attribute on Resource object when used as threshold in the OBS Resources view shows zero value. It affects only roles
CLRT-69722: Cost Variance, Unit Variance and Revenue Variance incorrect in TSV of cost plans when fiscal time periods are not equal to exact months (4-4-5 fiscal calendar or other) (TEC582912)
CLRT-69851: Product objects and Asset objects will be displayed with the Application edit layout when opening them from the Hierarchy tab
CLRT-69970:Browse of OBS with many OBS entries and levels generates "Warning: Unresponsive script" when using FIREFOX. It works fine with IE ( TEC595861)
CLRT-70187: The Apache Tomcat HTTP Headers should not identify any information concerning the Tomcat version
CLRT-70188: The Apache Tomcat generated error pages should not reveal any information concerning the Tomcat version
CLRT-55973:When the top subpage of a custom object contains a display condition and this is not met, a blank page is shown as the consequent subpage ( TEC555289)
CLRT-68927: After tasks are XOG's into Clarity if the latest task finish date is less than the summary finish date, the summary finish date does not change to honor it (TEC581835)
CLRT-68291:Error 500 when trying to populate a cost plan from task assignments which was copied from a template with zero values ( TEC592119)
CLRT-69140:Slow performance caused by new view inv_wip_cost_v ( TEC578149)
CLRT-67437: Width of portlets expand as number of pages increases causing formatting issues in UI because of the width of the pagination widget
CLRT-67404: No Object Links in the action Item
CLRT-67658:Roles (ALL types) - Contact information appears when accessed financial link where as it does not appear under Main ( TEC578369)
CLRT-67014: Audit trail entries created without value (insert/edit operations) for an MVL attribute tied to a user created static look up
CLRT-68827: Usability: Clicking on a Grid Cell results in moving the user's focus to the Check Box field instead of the clicked Cell, resulting in annoying navigation
CLRT-69507: Bubble chart is not exported to excel and power point with huge data
CLRT-50963: Data Point Labels and values are not exported to PPT and Excel
CLRT-65974:Slow posting due to MANY redundant calls to cost curve calculation logic ( TEC572797)
CLRT-67899: IN filters not working with SOAP queries
CLRT-69207: The ETC column on the Task Properties > Assignments view does not display on any Work Effort Unit of Measure except the one set as default in Clarity
CLRT-68473: Expense resource ETC incorrectly multiplied by 8 when entered in TSV or divided by 8 when entered in ETC field on Task Assignment list view
CLRT-69162: TimeSheet Detail report not formatted in Excel format
CLRT-69477: Project Schedule save fails
CLRT-66857: User get's blank worksheets in Export to Excel
CLRT-66856: Data for a portlet that the user cannot see appears in Export to Excel/Powerpoint
CLRT-55977: After an export to Excel the End Date is one day earlier than the End Date that is displayed in the Resource list in the GUI at times and on the Excel sheet (TEC579122)
CLRT-66311:Report Notification email link results in error - An error has occurred: Could not find the document ( TEC587414)
CLRT-66848: Cannot access 'help' link from gantt page
CLRT-60035: "Project Transactions Inquiry" report doesn't honor 'Project Manager' and 'Project' fields for report generation
CLRT-67959: Autonumbering does not behave correctly on custom objects and some OOTB objects like Requirements
CLRT-67381:Object Action Menu Item should appear if the end-user has Instance Access Right ( TEC567196)
CLRT-68855: Able to change the read-only user name and resource id using XOG
CLRT-68965: Inline Editing a debit rule list page is updating another debit rule
CLRT-69509: Subpages and sections missing on the assignment properties view
CLRT-68316: The "Link to the Requirement Property Page" is not available for the object "requirement" in V13
CLRT-65925: Links are missing when exported to Excel
CLRT-68890: Stacked column charts are not proportionally scaling the column bar relative to the number of stacked cells
CLRT-69326:OWB r13.x changing loading pattern via Task Properties --> Resource is not working correctly ( TEC591647)
CLRT-69524: OWB: Unable to save an offline plan to Clarity if the OWB session has been terminated and changes have been done to the project plan.
CLRT-69006: If any job goes into some loop or some flow which takes more than 1 hr, the session gets invalidated and after that job throwing some errors related to security permissions
CLRT-69648:File cache.xml has old entries which are unused and causing upgrade failures ( TEC578077)
CLRT-69239: Clarity "About" shows wrong copyright translation

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