Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with Clarity 13.0.1 implementations to install the current Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below.


To obtain the latest Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch, log a case with our Technical Support team and request the latest Patch for download. The latest version is an accumulation of the previous versions for the identified resolved issues listed below.

A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.

Version/Build: 08 0030
Documentation: Readme.txt
Released On: May 17, 2013

Resolved Issues in This Release:

CLRT-44428: The "process ID" parameter don't show on the parameters column when new an action item of "run job"(the job is "execute a process") for a process
CLRT-67714: Updating document attribute via XOG removes attachments from other attributes on the instance (TEC591670)
CLRT-68880: When you setup a view with Gantt Chart Settings of Secondary Bar you see a break when the bars are not overlapping (TEC593187)
CLRT-68884: Gantt chart displays incorrectly when the end date days = 31
CLRT-69326: OWB r13.x changing loading pattern via Task Properties --> Resource is not working correctly (TEC591647)
CLRT-69529: From Favorites menu click on Configure. Receive Error 401. URL built when they go to Configure is wrong
CLRT-69778: From Date and To Date Field on the Timesheet List View for French Language are not Translated
CLRT-69858: Cache locking logic is causing database blocking when users double click the save on the Gantt chart
CLRT-70667: XOG: Complete flag not working for instance rights in Project
CLRT-70954: SSL Configuration causes application to hang and generate java.lang.StackOverflowError (TEC589700)
CLRT-71004: If you click on 'Skills' tab for the Resource, 'Create Requisitions' does not appear in the 'Action' list in the 'Team' tab
CLRT-71459: XOG operation in a J2EE environment throws a Multitenant RuntimeException because the tenant context is not present (TEC589776)
CLRT-71510: Export to Excel (E2E) fails to export dates when the clarity app server's LANG settings are not set to en_US.UTF-8
CLRT-71526: Scenario System Error when Excluding Projects
CLRT-71770: Gantt: If value to show on Primary bar is null, none of the values display
CLRT-71787: Gantt: Primary Bar date markers are same color if the two fields have the same value
OWB: The task status field is blank in views when the project % Complete Calculation Method is set to Effort (TEC581836)
CLRT-69722: Cost Variance, Unit Variance and Revenue Variance incorrect in TSV of cost plans when fiscal time periods are not equal to exact months (4-4-5 fiscal calendar or other) (TEC582912)
CLRT-69838: When a timesheet is adjusted all notes from all different tasks end up on the first task of the timesheet (TEC523616).
CLRT-69875: Requisition notification not sent when Locale is Polish
CLRT-69941: E2E: Cost Plan List View Sort causes Error 500 for Cost Plan Detail Export to Excel (Data Only) Option
CLRT-70327: Cost Variance is incorrect in TSV of cost plans when actuals are posted against a transaction class not forecasted in the cost plan
CLRT-70415: Unbooking requisitions do not work on a system that does not allow Mixed Booking
CLRT-70461: XOG in Project Hierarchy with applications creates records in PRSUBPROJECT table
CLRT-70462: webroot/WEB-INF/xog/xql/requirements_read.xbl has incorrect backslashes and XOG read of requirements fails on UNIX platforms.
CLRT-70773: Background server consumes all CPU and is attempting to connect to SQL Server when configured for Oracle
CLRT-70922: Addition of hierarchy does not generate ODF events
CLRT-70967: Boostrap hangs with running jgroup threads and doesn't exit if object is event enabled

Patch #6 required for customers that previously installed patches #4 or #5.
Reference TEC582552 : Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch Alert

CLRT-55973: When the top subpage of a custom object contains a display condition and this is not met, a blank page is shown as the consequent subpage (TEC555289)
CLRT-56493: Lookups with front slash (/) in their lookup values get truncated when used as an MVL and saved
CLRT-66208: Portlet is showing html break tag < 'br' > instead of a separate line
CLRT-67991: MSP: tasks created in Clarity export to MSP as Fixed Units even though the MSP default is fixed work (TEC581832)
CLRT-68389: Pending Estimates in MSP showing 0 in Number1 column in other views than Task Usage
CLRT-69349: OWB: The task status field is blank in views when the project % Complete Calculation Method is set to Effort (TEC581836)
CLRT-69765: Export to Excel (Data Only) is generating a corrupted file as output when there are no rows in list pages like staff ,task,release etc
CLRT-69851: Product objects and Asset objects will be displayed with the Application edit layout when opening them from the Hierarchy tab

In issue # CLRT-68180 (TEC581241) which was provided as part of is reverted, as the fix for CLRT-68180 causes CLRT-69140 (TEC578149)

CLRT-69507: Bubble chart is not exported to excel and power point with huge data
CLRT-68348: Department Lookup Performance
CLRT-55977: After an export to Excel the End Date is one day earlier than the End Date that is displayed in the Resource list in the GUI at times and on the Excel sheet (TEC579122)
CLRT-68316: The "Link to the Requirement Property Page" is not available for the object "requirement" in V13
CLRT-67857: MSP: Summary tasks get set to milestones on export to MSP if there is a milestone under it and the summary task is one day (TEC572271)
CLRT-69477: Project Schedule 'Save' action fails
CLRT-69509: Subpages and sections missing on the assignment properties view
CLRT-68346: Project Properties Page Performance
CLRT-69162: TimeSheet Detail report not formatted in Excel format
CLRT-65571: MVL Multi-Valued Lookup shows all results of lookup in the [Fields] listing (TEC568587)
CLRT-69648: File cache.xml has old entries which are unused and causing upgrade failures
CLRT-67959: Autonumbering does not behave correctly on custom objects and some OOTB objects like Requirements
CLRT-66311: Report Notification email link results in error - An error has occurred: Could not find the document.
CLRT-69140: Slow performance caused by new view inv_wip_cost_v (TEC578149)
CLRT-68939: PROJECT_CODE / BILLING_PROJECT_CODE field lengths decreased to 23 causing v13.x upgrade failure
CLRT-50963: Data Point Labels and values are not exported to PPT and Excel
CLRT-69207: The ETC column on the Task Properties > Assignments view does not display on any Work Effort Unit of Measure except the one set as default in Clarity
CLRT-68291: Error 500 when trying to populate a cost plan from task assignments which was copied from a template with zero values
CLRT-68386: Portfolio Scorecard Performance
CLRT-67899: IN filters not working with SOAP queries
CLRT-67404: No Object Links in the action Item
CLRT-67437: Width of portlets expand as number of pages increases causing formatting issues in UI because of the width of the pagination widget
CLRT-68664: Upgrade failed while Adding translations for sub page links during post upgrade
CLRT-68388: Home Login Action Performance
CLRT-60035: "Project Transactions Inquiry" report doesn't honor 'Project Manager' and 'Project' fields for report generation.
CLRT-68890: Stacked column charts are not proportionally scaling the column bar relative to the number of stacked cells
CLRT-65925: Links are missing when exported to Excel
CLRT-66740: XOG in of object properties can result in corrupted subview data (TEC576784)
CLRT-69006: If any job goes into some loop or some flow which takes more than 1 hr, the session gets invalidated and the job generates errors related to security permissions
CLRT-66856: Data for a portlet that the user cannot see appears in Export to Excel/Powerpoint
CLRT-66857: User get's blank worksheets in Export to Excel
CLRT-68473: Expense resource ETC incorrectly multiplied by 8 when entered in TSV or divided by 8 when entered in ETC field on Task
CLRT-68043: Clarity should be able to publish events southbound - ie to Catalyst
CLRT-48240: Save and Return Button is missing under the Approve/Reject Action Item pages
CLRT-68276: Cost Plan TSV values are saving to wrong year when changing the TSV "Start Date <> Other Date"
CLRT-66866: Clarity date fields behave as strings when exporting to excel (TEC567722)
CLRT-59997: Inconsistent Email Notifications With Global Timesheet Approval Right
CLRT-66848: Cannot access 'help' link from Gantt page
CLRT-67574: Configure Gantt Chart with 'Dependencies' attribute shows blank when it should show Dependency (TEC567553)
CLRT-68571: Export to Excel(data only): When AVP is set to "use display conditions and secured subpages" and display conditions are used column may disappear
CLRT-67086: Manual action items: Action Item Message > The description field is now limited to 80 characters
CLRT-68467: XOG: Cannot XOG in Other Work description greater than 256 characters (TEC577332)
CLRT-67832: UserSecurityPermissionRoleCache is getting cleaned (TEC574506)
CLRT-67381: Object Action Menu Item should appear if the end-user has Instance Access Right (TEC567196)
CLRT-69032: Duplicate subpages after installing an add-in that modifies an object previously modified by another add-in installation (TEC576784)

CLRT-68180: XOG read project very slow
CLRT-67952: Ampersand in Entity Name is causing cost plan detail values to be swapped between different rows when double-clicking in the TSV cell
CLRT-68458: After upgrade to Clarity version 13.0.1 from 7.5.3 and clicking on cost plan or Budget plan to open the detail page results in Error 500 message
CLRT-67687: Clarity: Extending an allocation segment that extends the project date (ex: when using SET ALLOCATION) does not always check user's access rights to edit the project dates
CLRT-67115: Cost Plan Details Grouping Attribute for Transaction Class is displaying the Transaction Class Name instead of the full Description (TEC566005)
CLRT-68246: Create BO Users Job Does not create LDAP user accounts
CLRT-66161: Requisition rights do not work when granted as OBS Unit access rights
CLRT-67074: Link to Master Object shows all subobject instances of the object regardless of which instance it belong to
CLRT-67747: Planned units and costs on cost plans not mapping to correct fiscal TSV
CLRT-65974: Slow posting due to MANY redundant calls to cost curve calculation logic (TEC572797)
CLRT-68219: Version number of OWB displayed is not same with Version number of Clarity
CLRT-65205: Intermittent issue : "unable to initialize embedded module for Gantt" encountered on opening Gantt
CLRT-68195: When an idea is converted to a project, no editing rights are granted to the project manager if he does not have Project - Edit - Management rights
CLRT-66678: Browse fields with Autosuggest allow user to enter an invalid value
CLRT-66905: Taking 10-14 seconds to getting into edit mode for grid when access a resource pool of over 66000 resources
CLRT-66906: Investment Object State Lookup not available from the list of lookups in Clarity v13
CLRT-67984: Not able to create start and post conditions in processes with more than 6 condition elements
CLRT-66740: XOG in of object properties can result in corrupted subview data (TEC576784)
CLRT-67553: Able to edit LOCK Time Scaled Value when Time Varying Attribute is locked. Updates are not reflected in Edit View Screen)
CLRT-68361: In Project Dashboard - Upcoming Milestone portlet, diamonds are missing if milestone dates fall in month in right most column

CLRT-68134: Double Click on a stacked TSV cell on the cost plan/benefit plan list view doesn't always apply the value after you move away (onBlur) to another TSV cell on IE8 (TEC572639)
CLRT-67011: ProcessLoader.loadAndExecuteUncommittedCustomActions() is broken at v13 due to new multitenant code
CLRT-67508: PRJ-07237: When de-selecting Milestone flag and changing Finish date, error message is thrown if Finish timestamp is earlier than the Start date timestamp
CLRT-67612: Client CPU thrashes when user sits idle on any page in Clarity using IE
CLRT-67526: Process start condition is not honored if one of the conditions belong to the Parent object
CLRT-67211: Project XOG write fails when it has a company in financial properties
CLRT-67197: Instance rights on custom object subpage edit do not work on instances created by another user
CLRT-66852: Edit Mode Display Problem using double-click (TEC579127)
CLRT-67516: Grid Edit query is inefficient
CLRT-66205: XOG: Override Auto-Numbering is giving an error when the flag is set to False
CLRT-67832: UserSecurityPermissionRoleCache is getting cleaned
CLRT-67859: Notes on tasks being duplicated when passing through MSP 2007 or 2010.
CLRT-67532: Warmup does not work as expected
CLRT-67114: XOG write an instance right, e.g. ProjectEditFull, the right is correctly given to the resource, but the resource is not able to see the project in v13
CLRT-65797: OWB copy or move task from master to subproject when ETC displayed as cost, pastes as hours in child project
CLRT-61703: Start and Finish Dates of an assignment will remain null in the prAssignment table if ETC is changed from 0 to non-0; only in Edit Mode.
CLRT-66160: SWF files stored in the database should be accessible when storeFilesInDatabase set to false
CLRT-68036: JEP parser is not thread Safe

Known Issues in

Version number displayed in the OWB About Box is not identical to the Version number displayed in the Clarity About Box.
The OWB About Box displays 01 0038 whereas the Clarity About Box displays 01 0038

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