Clarity 12.1.3 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with Clarity 12.1.3 implementations to install the current Clarity 12.1.3 Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below.


To obtain the latest Clarity 12.1.3 Generic Patch, log a case with our Technical Support team and request the latest Patch for download. The latest version is an accumulation of the previous versions for the identified resolved issues listed below.

A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.

Current Package Filename:
Documentation: Readme.txt
Released On: June 11, 2013

Resolved Issues in This Release:
CLRT-47239: Configuring Filter Layout executes all dynamic query lookups returning all results causing OutOfMemory exception (TEC510315)
CLRT-65211: URL Redirector Abuse Security Issue
CLRT-69595: Generate Invoices job exhausts heap on systems with huge amounts of data in WIP to be processed due to PMD statements retrieving large resultsets.
CLRT-68068: The calculation of allocation FTEs in the BO is incorrect for Resource Universe and Investment universe.
CLRT-69890: Unable to open multiple URL from Clarity
CLRT-71786: Regression in - When downloading WSDL specification on some queries using the WEB service, the error message 'Unable to Load URL' is shown
CLRT-70415: Unbooking requisitions do not work on a system that does not allow Mixed Booking
CLRT-70462: webroot/WEB-INF/xog/xql/requirements_read.xbl has incorrect backslashes and XOG read of requirements fails on UNIX platforms.
CLRT-68699: Project dashboard project status unable to recognize custom value.
CLRT-63857: MSP 2010 crashes with MSP Interface 12.1.1

Resolved Issues in Previous Releases:
CLRT-66879: Potential thread safety issue while loading Process engine (TEC589610)
CLRT-67714: Updating document attribute via XOG removes attachments from other attributes on the instance (TEC591670)
CLRT-69411: After upgrading the Clarity from 12.1.2 to 12.1.3 all processes that use the OBS in step post condition stopped working (TEC576381)
CLRT-69692: First time enabling of audit trail on an object with a large number of existing records can result in application timeouts and/or cause a java.lang.OutOfMemory error (TEC589993)
CLRT-69326: OWB r13.x changing loading pattern via Task Properties --> Resource is not working correctly (TEC591647)
CLRT-69993: In Project list the Power filter on Project Finish will filter on next day
CLRT-70029: OWB: Auto-schedule on Started Tasks with Fixed Duration will not move the ETC forward
CLRT-69493: Portfolio: Actual Cost figure is not being correctly displayed when Portfolio start/end date is aligned to transaction date range (TEC591000)
CLRT-69250: LDAP authentication fails for users with multiple uid attributes (TEC589992)
CLRT-69502: WIP Records can be duplicated by doing WIP adjustment
CLRT-67705: SQL server : Rate matrix extraction pulls 0 rate/cost for resources with resource_id > 30 chars
CLRT-55977: After an export to Excel the End Date is one day earlier than the End Date that is displayed in the Resource list in the GUI at times and on the Excel sheet (TEC579122)
CLRT-69613: NSQL Queries in Clarity 12.1.1 and above returning null values in columns can cause rows to be missing in Xcelsius portlets
CLRT-57629: SVG process graph labels do not display for IE7/IE8 on Vista/Windows 7 if the Clarity server host is windows based and has asian language support installed (TEC547328)
CLRT-69314: Disable CSRF validation by default
CLRT-69318: Customer gets a system error when editing a timesheet after upgrade to Clarity (TEC586603)
CLRT-67899: IN filters not working with SOAP queries
CLRT-68437: Blind SQL Injection Parameter: grid_sort_dir & grid_sort_col
CLRT-68160: Blind SQL Injection : Parameter: sortColumn in Financial Management: Transaction Entry page
CLRT-68520: Information Leakage: Transaction Entry Page
CLRT-50333: [Project: Properties: Main - Financial] - In the project's financial subpage, "Bill expense" checkbox does not work (TEC524219)
CLRT-60938: Allocate from Estimates splitting time segments into multiple consecutive segments with identical allocation %'s.
CLRT-68246: Create BO Users Job Does not create LDAP user accounts
CLRT-67198: Prevent creating new invoice number from being generated if two users print the same invoice
CLRT-7912: Timesheet time entries that are financially enabled are not backed out when adjusting the timesheet (TEC439841)
CLRT-67550: Project role and assignment role values will be cleared if the role is inactivated and not on the team
CLRT-67543: Error saving project if the Text5 field references an inactive role that is not a team member "Invalid role [ina_role] on assignment for task Test1"
CLRT-68389 : Pending Estimates in MSP showing 0 in Number1 column in other views than Task Usage
CLRT-68138: Requirement names are not displayed in OWB when there is a master,subproject relationship
CLRT-66924: Upgrade database failure at 12.1.1 during upgrade from 12.1 to
CLRT-66839 : Finish_Date Incorrect On Cost Plan Table ODF_SSL_CST_DTL_COST When 0 Is Entered
CLRT-63070: Subprojects link on Project properties calls projmgr.subprojectsFlat twice, retrieving all subprojects in the system each time to build flat view, impacting performance or causing OutOfMemory (TEC560440)
CLRT-65974: Slow posting due to MANY redundant calls to cost curve calculation logic (TEC572797)
CLRT-65226: Resource Finder can be very slow with large datasets if user does not have global rights
CLRT-65797: OWB copy or move task from master to subproject when ETC displayed as cost, pastes as hours in child project
CLRT-66797: In MSP, for an assignment, if the resource assigned has trailing spaces, after importing to Clarity, the task actuals will be different
CLRT-65560: Ability to export "Shared" reports to excel
CLRT-67683: Calculated Data Type does not show data correctly for lookup and Date
CLRT-67116: Autoschedule job using OBS and Schedule from Finish changes all projects in the OBS finish date to be the same as the first project's date
CLRT-66907: Currency type of investment is ignored by Portfolio Scorecard (TEC572989)
CLRT-65919: Cannot Multi-Select Filter Using Custom Attribute on Portfolio portlet when data provide is "Portfolio: Projects only"
CLRT-59961: OWB fails to open a project with "Unable to open project XYZ: the value specified is outside bounds of the specified minimum / maximum", when % Complete Calculation Method for the project is not Manual (TEC543956)
CLRT-63333: When replacing a Role with a Resource, Allocation can be wrong for the Resource and negative for the Role, when using Use Available Work Units.
CLRT-62394: Translation Lost When Any Of the Fields Label Is Modified
CLRT-66155: Advance Billing - Two billing schedules for the same date can cause troubles (duplicate billing) if one of the lines is rejected in billing approval or if one of the invoices is credited (TEC572834)
CLRT-66851: Time Slicing does not rollover all records for allocation, assignment and timeentry records due to "fix" for CLRT-42645 (SQL SERVER ONLY) (TEC572835)
CLRT-67163: prassignment.prbasesum deprecated field is used in Timesheet view : Baseline field instead of table prj_baseline_details (TEC572836)
CLRT-61703: Start and Finish Dates of an assignment will remain null in the prAssignment table if ETC is changed from 0 to non-0; only in Edit Mode.
CLRT-65877: OBS Resource Aggregation Portlet - Work Effort Unit of Measures of % Availability results in error >> Handler requires a attribute specific on element:taskRess
CLRT-66447: New from Template causes system error due to incorrect document management id generation.
CLRT-65934: Date wrongly displayed on Excel (TEC572988)
CLRT-65429: When we export a list with string attributes to excel(Data Only), the line feed produces an extra space
CLRT-66866: Clarity date fields behave as strings when exporting to excel (TEC567722)
CLRT-64819: Export to Excel: exported dates may shift by +/- 1 day depending on the user's timezone (TEC572158)
CLRT-65085: Unable to open Excel file after Export to Excel (Data Only) when the number of records greater than 3000 rows in Weekly Detail portlet (TEC562020)
CLRT-65386: The lookup value which does not permit the edit shows Japanese as HTML unicode style
CLRT-66929: A lookup attribute is displayed encoded on list page when the attribute has link to some other page
CLRT-66919: Patch: in NPIOs under hierarchy tab, investment link missing whichever added
CLRT-65926: GL Allocation XOG Causes Updates To Last_updated_date Column for the Entire CBK_GL_ALLOCATION_DETAIL table (TEC561156)
CLRT-65210: UpgradeAssignmentSum in Post Upgrade is extremely slow due to inefficient WIP query which does a table scan
CLRT-66984: Hierarchical Grid Action with Automatically Expand options
CLRT-66020: GEL - When creating a new process with GEL script (with xog) clicking on "save as" ... gel script fails: xog can't log in
CLRT-67790: The task process has the partition list duplicated by the same number of investment objects that is member of that partition
CLRT-67832: UserSecurityPermissionRoleCache is getting cleaned (TEC574506)
CLRT-68036: JEP parser is not thread Safe
CLRT-65848: Customer Gantt portlet displays icons and bars wrongly aligned in the time segments
CLRT-65418: When upgrading from 12.1.1 to Clarity 13, it first extracts 12.1.1 installer and fails with out of memory errors
CLRT-66937: Milestone icon does not display aligned with the start of the task bar
CLRT-67008: Gantt chart in a portlet may fail to render the bar to the correct start date.
CLRT-67857: MSP, Summary tasks get set to milestones on export to MSP if there is a milestone under it and the summary task is one day (TEC572271)
CLRT-63162: OWB, Incorrect roles displayed when requirement names are different for same role in multiple projects (TEC555257)
CLRT-59156: OWB: Inactive values in lookup should only be displayed if it is the selected value for a given Task; should not be displayed in the list for every task (TEC561738)
CLRT-58500: Static Lookups attributes not sorted in alphabetical order in OWB (TEC543544)
CLRT-67524: Post Timesheets Job Posts One Timesheets At Each Run (TEC567468)
CLRT-64842: The Notification should be sent when the user "Rejects" any requisition even the requisition is in "Open" status (TEC572269)
CLRT-63076: Clarity has a vulnerability to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks (TEC567263) -- NOTE: Details for this technical article have been recently updated. Please be sure to read this article for updated details.

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