Clarity 12.1.1 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with Clarity 12.1.1 implementations to install the current Clarity 12.1.1 Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below.


To obtain the latest Clarity 12.1.1 Generic Patch, log a case with our Technical Support team and request the latest Patch for download. The latest version is an accumulation of the previous versions for the identified resolved issues listed below.

A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.

Current Package Filename:
Version/Build: 10 005
Documentation: Readme.txt
Released On: January 3, 2013

NOTE: This is the last patch available for 12.1.1. CA Technical Support encourages customers to upgrade to Clarity 13.

During installation an ant target 'ProcessApprovedBudgetToUpdateSimpleBudge' could take more time depending on the total number of approved budgets of the projects.

This correction script is introduced as part of the fix for CLRT-15023 to populate the values required for the simple budget page. ProcessApprovedBudgetToUpdateSimpleBudget will correct the values in PMA_FINANCIAL_VALUES and updates NPV/ROI values in FIN_FINANCIALS.

Correction script introduced to address CLRT-15023 has been commented out on as it is taking more time to apply the patch (depending on the data).
To address CLRT-15023, Run the corresponding correction script from <clarity_install_dir>/bin using the following command.

nikuant -f <clarity_install_dir>\.setup\scripts\postupgrade\revmgr.xml ProcessApprovedBudgetToUpdateSimpleBudget -Dinstall.dir=<clarity_install_dir>

Resolved Issues in This Release:
CLRT-68609: Partition Lookup List of Values Empty in List View Edit Mode (TEC571819)
CLRT-57243: Power Filter for Portfolio Content does not work when Child OBS Unit has the same name as a Parent OBS Unit (TEC555774)
CLRT-69765: Export to Excel (Data Only) is giving a corrupted file as output when there are no rows in list pages like staff, task, release, etc
CLRT-7912: Timesheet time entries that are financially enabled are not backed out when adjusting the timesheet (TEC439841)
CLRT-69595: Generate Invoices job exhausts heap on systems with huge amounts of data in WIP to be processed due to PMD statements retrieving large resultsets.
CLRT-69692: First time enabling of audit trail on an object with a large number of existing records can result in application timeouts and/or cause a java.lang.OutOfMemory error (TEC589993)

Resolved Issues in Previous Release:
CLRT-68469: Export to Excel doesn't retain the configured date locale formatting except for English
CLRT-55977: After an export to Excel the End Date is one day earlier than the End Date that is displayed in the Resource list in the GUI at times and on the Excel sheet (TEC579122)
CLRT-60231: Power filter on a portlet based on task object gives error when filter uses project attributes
CLRT-63878: When we Export to Excel (Data Only), we can see that line feed is ignored (TEC542313)
CLRT-64345: Export to excel increases any date field by +1 if the date is in a leap year (This is a duplicate to CLRT-65934, reference TEC572988)
CLRT-62608: Upgrade to JGroups 2.12.1 to avoid unnecessary blocking (TEC567431)
CLRT-67832: UserSecurityPermissionRoleCache is getting cleaned (TEC574506)
CLRT-67116: Autoschedule job using OBS and Schedule from Finish changes all projects in the OBS finish date to be the same as the first project's
CLRT-59961: OWB fails to open a project with "Unable to open project XYZ: the value specified is outside bounds of the specified minimum/maximum", when % Complete Calculation Method for the project is not Manual (TEC543956)
CLRT-66924: Upgrade database failure at 12.1.1 during upgrade from 12.1 to
CLRT-66851: Time Slicing does not rollover all records for allocation, assignment and time entry records due to "fix" for CLRT-42645 (SQL SERVER ONLY) TEC572835
CLRT-66866: Clarity date fields behave as strings when exporting to excel (TEC567722)
CLRT-67278: Export to Excel with hyperlinks on tsv field hitting 65530-links XML Spreadsheet 2003 limitation, throwing Unknown error when opening the xls
CLRT-62757: Upgrade of Customer dataset from 12.0.5 to 12.1.1 is failing with Null Point Exception Error
CLRT-65926: GL Allocation XOG Causes Updates To Last_updated_date Column for the Entire CBK_GL_ALLOCATION_DETAIL table
CLRT-59623: MVL custom field not populating on project when Idea is converted via a process
CLRT-67857: MSP, Summary tasks get set to milestones on export to msp if there is a milestone under it and the summary task is one day
CLRT-66020: GEL - When creating a new process with GEL script (with XOG) clicking on "save as"... gel script fails: xog can't log in
CLRT-67790: The task process has the partition list duplicated by the same number of investment objects that is member of that partition
CLRT-66447: New from Template causes system error due to incorrect document management id generation.
CLRT-65210:UpgradeAssignmentSum in Post Upgrade is extremely slow due to inefficient WIP query which does a table scan
CLRT-65418: When upgrading from 12.1.1 to Clarity 13, it first extracts 12.1.1 installer and fails with out of memory errors
CLRT-63160: Multiple same roles are missing in clarity PPM after a successful save in MSP 2010
CLRT-65797:OWB copy or move task from master to subproject when ETC displayed as cost, pastes as hours in child project
CLRT-61703: Start and Finish Dates of an assignment will remain null in the prAssignment table if ETC is changed from 0 to non-0; only in Edit Mode.
CLRT-60207: OWB: Java Heap Space error while saving goes unnoticed, it does not appear anywhere except in the OWB Console.
CLRT-60242: URL Attribute does not display in Project list view (TEC555773)
CLRT-24784: The ODF_SS_OLD_VALUE & ODF_SS_NEW_VALUE fields in the CMN_AUDITS_TSV table do not get populated properly with their sliced value (TEC478242)
CLRT-61874: OWB: File > Update returns the following error "An Unsupported operation was attempted" when the workstation regional setting is set to French, or non English
CLRT-58755: Slow performance in opening a transaction in Create WIP Adjustment page
CLRT-66839: Finish_Date Incorrect On Cost Plan Table ODF_SSL_CST_DTL_COST When 0 Is Entered
CLRT-66584: The task gets converted to a milestone in MSP 2007
CLRT-64819: Export to Excel: exported dates may shift by +/- 1 day depending on the user's timezone
CLRT-65560: Ability to export "Shared" reports to excel
CLRT-62840: OWB: Open Workbench with Clarity 12.1.1 shows resources multiple times (TEC555031)
CLRT-63333: When replacing a Role with a Resource, Allocation can be wrong for the Resource and negative for the Role, when using Use Available Work Units
CLRT-65085: Unable to open Excel file after Export to Excel (Data Only) when the number of records greater than 3000 rows in Weekly Detail portlet (TEC562020)
CLRT-65877: OBS Resource Aggregation Portlet - Work Effort Unit of Measures of % Availability results in error >> Handler requires a attribute specific on element:taskRess
CLRT-62134: Demand Billing: Error when billing any amount with Remaining Amount having decimal places
CLRT-62010: WIP Entry and Adjustment do not have a project - task combination check (TEC562322)
CLRT-62812: If a process references a MVL attribute in its start condition, other defined processes with valid start conditions will not start upon update
CLRT-60630: Action Item Details error when a user clicks on 'Timesheet Returned' object link
CLRT-50960: Chart datapoint color is not honored in the exported file for "Color Grouped" bubble charts
CLRT-52530: Slow Performance in Advance Billing, Bill and Approve
CLRT-58303: Timesheet Detail report sums up the hour of the adjusted timesheet to the hours of the adjustment one, often resulting in a "doubling" of hours
CLRT-64580: Clarity process on Task object, auto-start, start-event of update and start condition on task custom attribute, does not Initiate when the task attribute is changed in MSP or OWB and project saved back to Clarity
CLRT-15023: Project Budget attributes are not populated/updated when a detailed financial budget exists (TEC439620)
CLRT-64941: Export to Excel throws "unable to download" message in IE8
CLRT-57460: Default Oracle Analyze job Unnecessarily creating Histograms
CLRT-60076: The Remaining Cost value in Hierarchy portlet isn't showing correct aggregate value (TEC544540)
CLRT-63372: Portfolio Efficient Frontier Compare Candidate Scenarios - Investment Listing : Investment link navigates to Portfolio Listing (TEC551843)
CLRT-63000: Portfolio Efficient Frontier Compare Candidate Scenarios - Investment Listing is missing data values (TEC550781)
CLRT-64505: Portfolio Scorecard Performance Issue
CLRT-64890: User not able to install MSP Software download in Beta candidate Build ( - Getting error when installing CA Clarity Add in
CLRT-65359: MSP: When Resource Allocation is 0%, Tasks with actuals are being set as milestones upon loading into MSP from Clarity
CLRT-64586: OWB available resource list does not show in alphabetical order
CLRT-65271: Inactive Child Investment With Cost Plan Data Causes Incorrect Data Shown In Master Investment Cost Plan Aggregate View (TEC561113)
CLRT-65373: Records Not Removed From ODF_SSL_CST_DTL_COST table When Plan Duration Is Change and Data Falls Outside Of the Range (TEC558823)
CLRT-64765: Cost Plan Aggregate View Not Updated When 0 Is Saved From Flat View (TEC558961)
CLRT-58719: When starting Clarity with greater than 140 auto_start process conditions over 1gb of RAM is utilized in the heap
CLRT-38002: When changing Hierarchy for Program and Projects there is a record for a link left in table INV_FLAT_HIERARCHIES (TEC553813)
CLRT-63051: MSP: Fix for CLRT-59078/59079 prevents all MSP users from being able to upgrade their MSP versions once they upgrade Clarity to 12.1.1 and higher or 13 and higher (TEC550798)
CLRT-44389: Other Work change the finish date and save, save does not complete and a Lock is left on (TEC553815)
CLRT-58507: OWB: Saving a project back results in extraneous saves even for objects that did not change, resulting in increased blocking and performance issues (TEC553812)
CLRT-62579: XOG Write Update for Resources with Apostrophe character fails (TEC549599)
CLRT-60514: Hard Allocation is displaying more than the actual value in the Project Team: Role capacity page (TEC553814)
CLRT-57962: Idea: locking a required attribute on an idea causes error 'All required fields to be filled out' when clicking on Submit for Approval even when the required fields are filled in (TEC541797)
CLRT-59158: Idea: locking a required attribute on an idea causes error 'All required fields to be filled out' when converting an idea to a project, even when the required fields are filled in (TEC541796)
CLRT-60960: Schedulers: Unable to generate input 'schedlogging' file on Windows 7 systems (TEC553811)
CLRT-58619: Display condition of subpages doesn't work when the project saving process fails (TEC553804)
CLRT-60878: NPIO: When posting timesheets NPIO assignments may not get their Actual Thru Date updated so you have ETC in the past (TEC548621)
CLRT-55157: Requisition Process Action Item errors out after clicking the link to the Requisition and clicking Cancel or Submit (TEC522128)
CLRT-60942: Commons-jelly script parsing is not thread safe and can result in errors under high concurrency (TEC553809)

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