Clarity 12.1.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with Clarity 12.1.0 implementations to install the current Clarity 12.1.0 Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below.


To obtain the latest Clarity 12.1.0 Generic Patch, log a case with our Technical Support team and request the latest Patch for download. The latest version is an accumulation of the previous versions for the identified resolved issues listed below.

A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.

Current Package Filename:
Version/Build: 001
Documentation: Readme.txt
Released On: April 08, 2012

Resolved in this Patch Release:

CLRT-64505: Portfolio Scorecard Performance Issue
CLRT-66958: 2D Bubble charts do not render all data points when only one dimension member is returned for the Series Dimension
CLRT-66396: Last Password Change date not updated when password changed via Admin Tool (TEC561604)
CLRT-67005: Gantt chart in a portlet may fail to display some milestones, or display them misplaced
CLRT-67008: Gantt chart in a portlet may fail to render the bar to the correct start date
CLRT-67009: Gantt chart in a portlet may display multiple milestones with the same color
CLRT-66937: Milestone icon does not display aligned with the start of the task bar
CLRT-66907: Currency type of investment is ignored by Portfolio Scorecard

Included in this Patch from previous Patch Releases:

CLRT-65974: Slow posting due to MANY redundant calls to cost curve calculation logic (TEC572797)
CLRT-57640: Units Missing When Cost Plan Is Populated If Rate Matrix Uses "Middle of Month" dates (TEC538649)
CLRT-64941: Export to Excel throws "unable to download" message in IE8
CLRT-65934: Date Wrongly Display in Excel
CLRT-64819: Export to Excel: exported dates may shift by +/- 1 day depending on the user's timezone (TEC572158)
CLRT-63070: Subprojects link on Project properties calls projmgr.subprojectsFlat twice, retrieving all subprojects in the system each time to build flat view, impacting performance or causing OutOfMemory (TEC560440)
CLRT-65226: Resource Finder can be very slow with large datasets if user does not have global rights
CLRT-63070: Subprojects link on Project properties calls projmgr.subprojectsFlat twice, retrieving all subprojects in the system each time to build flat view, impacting performance or causing OutOfMemory (TEC560440)
CLRT-57358: Post Timesheet Job incorrectly creates financial transactions for projects with Financial Status not 'Open' (TEC531072)
CLRT-38002: When changing Hierarchy for Program and Projects there is a record for a link left in table INV_FLAT_HIERARCHIES (TEC553813)
CLRT-65919: Cannot Multi-Select Filter Using Custom Attribute on Portfolio portlet when data provide is "Portfolio: Projects only"
CLRT-65057: Labor Baseline hours incorrect in BO
CLRT-52914: User with only 'Project - Create from Template' rights can create a Project when converting an approved Idea (TEC525048)
CLRT-65271: Inactive Child Investment With Cost Plan Data Causes Incorrect Data Shown In Master Investment Cost Plan Aggregate View (TEC561113)
CLRT-65848: Customer Gantt portlet displays icons and bars wrongly aligned in the time segments
CLRT-63706: Update Business Objects Report Tables Job: weekstart parameter is missing in 12.1
CLRT-63533: Serious BO Security Issue with Create Business Objects Users Job
CLRT-63878: When we Export to Excel (Data Only), we can see that line feed is ignored
CLRT-64429: Populate Cost Plan - Some rows with actuals do not show the actuals when the rows are added to the plan for planning (TEC559381)
CLRT-63639: URL which contains Japanese Is Garbled on IE6, IE7
CLRT-15555: Lock user doesn't receive the notification (Clarity notification, email notification ) that some action item was assigned to him.
CLRT-54838: Perf: A slow running NSQL query will cause the cache to be blocked while loading
CLRT-57603: NMS_MESSAGES select query activity extremely high in environments with large numbers of services
CLRT-64358: labels-correction" step in, patch and 12.1.1 upgrade causes many unique constraint failures on old/large clarity installations
CLRT-64325: labels-correction" step in, patch and 12.1.1 upgrade opens and closes thousands of database connections
CLRT-62911: Java Thread deadlock can occur between Logger and Configuration Manager
CLRT-56910: The line feed is ignored on list window and portlet window
CLRT-60540: Post Timesheet Performance issue after upgrade from 8.1.x to 12.0.6 or 12.1
CLRT-60889: Project: Hierarchy: Financial Rollup does not rollup all costs - Detail View (TEC547365)
CLRT-62134: Demand Billing: Error when billing any amount with Remaining Amount having decimal places
CLRT-62434: ContentPack XOG exports attribute default values as view override default values for stock attributes and objects like Project WIP Class
CLRT-62582: sessionID is insufficiently random paving the way for an unauthorized user to guess a sessionID and hijack a session
CLRT-56535: Export to PowerPoint from Portlet by an user causes out of memory error which results in bringing the server down
CLRT-60942: Commons-jelly script parsing is not thread safe and can result in errors under high concurrency (TEC553809)
CLRT-56260: Incorrect number format error when trying to save a value in a multi-valued lookup attribute based on OBS_BROWSE_* lookup (TEC525921)
CLRT-62812: If a process references a MVL attribute in its start condition, other defined processes with valid start conditions will not start upon update.
CLRT-60792: LDAP - Synchronize New and Changed Users Job Fails with Root Context Value is set in LDAP Settings
CLRT-60724: Clarity authenticates LDAP users regardless of password when using Sun One Directory Server 6.3.1 when Root Context is blank in the NSA
CLRT-63157: PERF: Performance problems in Resource Planning Portlets -Weekly Detail or Booking Status Portlets while filtering by Resource Manager field
CLRT-15629: PERF: Performance problems in Resource Planning Portlets when either the Weekly Detail or Booking Status portlets are in the page (TEC440151)
CLRT-59981: Time Scaled Queries (Allocation,Assignment,Availability) tuning for the Weekly Details, Resource Workloads & Booking Status, Unfilled Requirements Portlets on Resource Planning Page
CLRT-58305: OWB: When installing OWB 1.2.1 on 12.1 and specifying French language, the Default view and the User View are in Portuguese (TEC539811)
CLRT-61133: XOG:FilterByCustomInfo when used in prj_projects_read.xml does not work when custom attributes used in filter are on the Investment object
CLRT-60960: Schedulers: Unable to generate input schedlogging file on Windows 7 systems (TEC539811)
CLRT-59343: When we delete an instance from object list window which is linked from list window or portlet, we can not see the link to master object
CLRT-57412: Sequence cache size is too small, results in Oracle ALTER SEQUENCE and CMN_ID_SP high CPU load during timeslicing with large numbers of inserts
CLRT-60766: Display condition of subpages doesn't work when the project saving process fails (TEC553804)
CLRT-60514: Hard Allocation is displaying more than the actual value in the Project Team: Role capacity page (TEC553814)
CLRT-58398: Race condition in GEL SOAP tag library allows data corruption and carries security implications
CLRT-48808: When exporting the resource list to excel, the termination date appears as -1 day
CLRT-60832: When upgrading 12.1.0 to 12.1.1 all the reports instance which were run by a user are shown as run by admin in report library and the report format is also PDF
CLRT-59983: Resource Edit Idea right is defined incorrectly
CLRT-55958: When many gel instances are kicked off simultaneously the gel script doesn't read the csv file correctly (TEC525219)
CLRT-59624: MSP: Calendar exceptions are not being cleared against existing projects
CLRT-59625: MSP: nValue not treating whole numbers from segments as doubles
CLRT-48488: Team duplicates created if Resource ID is changed, and then existing Team members are XOG'd in.
CLRT-59208: We found that the date format was not correct when we export portlet data to Excel2007 format
CLRT-58987: When converting an idea to a project, if you select a partition other than the partition the idea is in, the project is still created in the same partition as the idea
CLRT-19424: (Complete Fix) - Task Constraints not being retained from Clarity into scheduler
CLRT-60390: Replace wilog.jar in ext\lib with the latest jar from CABI 3.2
CLRT-59684: CABI v3.2 Certification on CA Clarity PPM
CLRT-19424: Task Constraints not being retained from Clarity into scheduler
CLRT-59533: Role Allocation segments not zeroed when Role is replaced by Resource who cannot cover completely one of those segments
CLRT-57757: MSP: Successor tasks are exported to MSP with a SNET constraint
CLRT-57882: Hard Allocation not displaying in the Project Team: Role capacity page (TEC553814)
CLRT-58130: LDAP - Synchronize New and Changed Users job synchronizes only 225 users
CLRT-58893: Create Business Objects user job not working correctly
CLRT-54964: Export to Excel(data only): When AVP is set to "use display conditions and secured subpages" and display conditions are used column data will fail to export
CLRT-57713: Error 501 adding Group rights to an Application
CLRT-56291: Data Provider: Team Allocations - When creating new Portlet, this data provider is not working
CLRT-58870: Thread synchronization bottleneck in Saxon 8.6 library
CLRT-58156: Rate Matrix Extraction Job - Full and Incremental - Performance improvement in MSSQL
CLRT-59006: Process Engine malfunctions when Run Job Scheduler is false
CLRT-57623: Query on BO Timesheet Universe causes poor performance
CLRT-58075: iPad with iOS 4.2.1 breaks Clarity cookie handling
CLRT-56247: From 'Project' > 'Team' tab > 'Project Team' portlet > in the Time Scaled Value column with Actuals: Actuals for inactive resources are not shown (TEC528912)
CLRT-57497: Stock Reports not in Norwegian (TEC550740)
CLRT-57704: Budget Forecast Analysis report is not respecting the filter criteria specified from Clarity (TEC550753)
CLRT-16784: Inactive resources can be added to Incidents (TEC531111)
CLRT-57089: Demand Management: Create Incident, Click 'Submit' button, URL is incomplete and generates error (TEC550745)
CLRT-47055: OWB: RolesEnumHelper.overrideRolesEnums in the isRole class is causing extreme load times when opening an RMP File stand alone (TEC550744)
CLRT-57369: Changes in edit mode are not saved on the Allocation detail page, if the TSV contains additional attributes besides allocation & one of the projects on the page are locked (TEC530209)

Included are Issues Resolved in 12.1.0_upgrade_patch:
CLRT-58068: Upgrade to 12.1 hangs on upgradeProjBurdeningAssocs during Post Upgrade Step
CLRT-57970: 12.1 Upgrade fails: Error executing command: db install
CLRT-57804: Upgrade from to 12.1 is missing DB columns and tables needed for Business Objects
CLRT-58096: 12.1.0 upgrade failed upgrading from Clarity 12.0.6

Keywords: CLARITYKB, attribute value protection, cabi32, genericpatch.

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