Clarity 12.0.6 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We recommend customers with Clarity 12.0.6 implementations to install the current Clarity 12.0.6 Generic Patch if they are interested in obtaining resolutions to the issues identified below.


To obtain the latest Clarity 12.0.6 Generic Patch, log a case with our Technical Support team and request the latest Patch for download. The latest version is an accumulation of the previous versions for the identified resolved issues listed below.

A list of the fixes resolved with this Generic Patch can be found in the 'Readme' documentation included in the 'jar' file.

Current Package Filename: 12.0.6_generic_018b.jar
Version/Build: generic_018 00
Documentation: Readme.txt
Released On: January 5, 2012

Resolved Issues in This Release:

CLRT-62840: OWB: Open Workbench with Clarity 12.1.1 shows resources multiple times (TEC555031)
CLRT-63160: Multiple same roles are missing in clarity PPM after a successful save in MSP 2010
CLRT-65974: Slow posting due to MANY redundant calls to cost curve calculation logic

Resolved Issues in Previous Releases:

CLRT-65609: New type introduced for 12.1.3 in schema tables (TIMESTAMP) will cause upgrades to fail (TEC561741)
CLRT-54964: Export to Excel(data only): When AVP is set to "use display conditions and secured subpages" and display conditions are used column data will fail to export (TEC521571)
CLRT-65085: Unable to open Excel file after Export to Excel (Data Only) when the number of records greater than 3000 rows in Weekly Detail portlet (TEC562020)
CLRT-48072: "NameNotFoundException: Name comp/env/jdbc not found in context" error, when restarting Clarity application service in IBM Websphere
CLRT-65011: Incorrect date format error in portlets
CLRT-57242: Assignments appear under wrong Role in OWB in case of Master/Subproject
CLRT-57028: OWB - Unable To Modify Task Finish Date in Open Workbench
CLRT-62394: Translation Lost When Any Of the Fields Label Is Modified
CLRT-65638: Performance problem while creating or updating investments on a server with a customer dataset after applying patch
CLRT-57654: Value of field Default Staff OBS Unit is not coming in XOG output file for NPIO's
CLRT-47939: Default Staff OBS Attribute cannot be imported via XOG (TEC525607)
CLRT-15126: OWB: Recalculate is not working as of 1.1.5 (8.0) (TEC439638)
CLRT-53897: Timesheet: Populate button takes longer time to run (TEC525168)
CLRT-59961: OWB fails to open a project with "Unable to open project XYZ: the value specified is outside bounds of the specified minimum / maximum", when % Complete Calculation Method for the project is not Manual. (TEC543956)
The ODF_SS_OLD_VALUE & ODF_SS_NEW_VALUE fields in the CMN_AUDITS_TSV table do not get populated properly with their sliced value. (TEC478242)
Note: Customers on MSSQL will not be able to use fix for CLRT-24784 because of another pre-existing blocking issue CLRT-64686
CLRT-52430: Resource List View Power Filter for OBS Unit does not create the expression correctly (TEC512839)
CLRT-60242: URL Attribute does not display in an Object List View
OWB: Auto-Schedule Removes ETC values
CLRT-52527: OWB: Subproject Actuals and ETC are not rolling up to the subproject level in views, but Total Usage does (TEC521187)
WBS: Incorrect date format error on WBS page when format is set to Day Time
NPIO: When posting timesheets NPIO assignments may not get their Actual Thru Date updated so you have ETC in the past (TEC548621)
CLRT-54985: User getting error popup "Incorrect date and time format" while saving the date attribute with display type other than default(day) in Grid
Job Scheduler Starts (initializes) even when the "Run Job Scheduler" option is unchecked (TEC545852)
Arbitrary URL Redirection - Clarity creates a hyperlink for a back button within Clarity without performing any validation of the destination URL
CLRT-59983: Resource Edit Idea right is defined incorrectly
CLRT-61850: Project > Chargebacks Tab is not appearing, but appears when Collaboration Tab is clicked
Audit's Show TSV screen throwing System Error after concurrent TSV update
Post Timesheet Performance issue after upgrade from 8.1.x to 12.0.6 or 12.1 (CLRT-62506)
CLRT-56419: Saving on Admin > Resource > OBS and Partitions page erases the department value on Resource > general properties page
CLRT-47796: Resource ID can be changed after receiving an error on Resource Properties for Financially enabled resources
CLRT-59900: Translation of the button "Cancel Deletion" in the package "12.0.6_generic_014" is wrong when we chose Portuguese language
CLRT-52727: Changing the Assignment Dates changes the Parent Task Dates incorrectly
CLRT-59366: WBS Page does not refresh properly using Clarity generic_013 patch level
CLRT-56535: Export to PowerPoint from Portlet by an user causes out of memory error which results in bringing the server down
CLRT-25724: Semi-Monthly Time Slicing Job is hanging on Oracle database
CLRT-51153: Portfolio > Scorecard > Investment Portlet : TSV show in seconds
CLRT-57412: Sequence cache size is too small, results in Oracle ALTER SEQUENCE and CMN_ID_SP high CPU load during Time Slicing with large numbers of inserts
CLRT-51944: Assignment Actuals are not reversed in 12.0.5 but in 8.1.1
CLRT-60630: Action Item Details error when a user clicks on 'Timesheet Returned' object link
CLRT-56709: Deactivated lookup values for lookups RIM_IMPACT and RIM_PROBABILITY are being used while calculating Risk impact
CLRT-52752: 'Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Delete' Instance or OBS rights do not work
CLRT-60076: The Remaining Cost value in Hierarchy portlet isn't showing correct aggregate value
CLRT-56695: Portfolio "All Investments" data provider needs to include custom attributes on stock investments in addition to the attributes on the investment abstract object
CLRT-58303: Timesheet Detail report sums up the hour of the adjusted timesheet to the hours of the adjustment one, often resulting in a "doubling" of hours
CLRT-48488: Team duplicates created if Resource ID is changed, and then existing Team members are XOG'd in
CLRT-60645: Globalization: Custom SubObject Stock Attributes are not translated in Layout Configuration Pages (TEC547201)
CLRT-59752: 12.0.6fr_ca_LT: Un-translation: "Last Downloaded" in document manager
CLRT-59751: 12.0.6fr_ca_LT: Mistranslation: OUVRIR , not ouvert(e) in fr_ca
CLRT-59749: 12.0.6fr_ca_LT: Mistranslation: "num?ro d'entr?e", not "nombre d'entr?es" in fr_ca
CLRT-59738: 12.0.6fr_ca_LF: Buttons are not localized in chargecode browse page for FR_ca
CLRT-59564: Incorrect and Missing French Translations
CLRT-59859: Background Server is leaking session data from Process Engine in memory, resulting in Out Of Memory conditions
CLRT-58532: Buttons are not translated to French
CLRT-58870: Thread synchronization bottleneck in Saxon 8.6 library
CLRT-56247: From 'Project' > 'Team' tab > 'Project Team' portlet > in the Time Scaled Value column with Actuals: Actuals for inactive resources are not shown
CLRT-49698: When a view that has a date based filter defined is saved, then applied to a Project in OWB, the date value format display changes, making the filter unusable
CLRT-52021: Overview page > Click [Export] link in upper right corner > Select [Export to Excel] or [Export to PowerPoint] > Error 500 generated
CLRT-52259: OWB: Lookups Hidden on LOOKUP_CODE can have sequencing change, which can cause the chosen value to change on save back or open
CLRT-58156: Rate Matrix Extraction Job - Full and Incremental - Performance improvement in MSSQL
CLRT-58088: Incorrect Credit to Allocation amount on Chargeback GL Account Activity Report
CLRT-57480: The Scheduled Job "Index contents and documents for searches" and the Background Job "nikuadmin search recreate-index-files" failing with OOM error.
CLRT-59468: "nikuadmin search recreate-index-files" & "nikuadmin search recreate-index-data" jobs can run infinitely if the slice size (value of numberOfFilesToIndex) is an exact factor of the number of file/search content events which is to be indexed/re-indexed
CLRT-55817: Assignment ETC got double counted when adjust timesheet earlier than current date
CLRT-58752: Import Financial Actuals" job causes decreasing Total Effort
CLRT-57456: Italian MSP: dependencies are lost when opening MSP in Clarity
CLRT-59162: Edit cost details are Nullified
CLRT-58612: Fixed durations task finish date changes, which changes the task duration
CLRT-49457: Slow performance for Rate Matrix Extraction job after upgrade to version 12.

Note: Additional steps may be required to take advantage of incremental mode for the rate matrix job (CLRT-49457).

CLRT-20328: Cancel Deletion button missing from all NPIO List Views
CLRT-58058: Project list page is slow and can take 17 minutes to complete do to many instances of an inefficient security query in MS SQL Server
CLRT-58024: Resource requisitions list is not configurable after configuring it once if using partitions
CLRT-57639: When a user wants to switch partition on project list the Error 500 appears
CLRT-57244: Rate matrix extraction job: Incremental only option picks all/additional projects in some cases
CLRT-57452: Missing Time report - Scheduled report filter criteria is altered when recurrence is selected
CLRT-58240: Slice value displays as 0 when slice value is 999999999 or greater, eventhough length is 16 and precision is 6
CLRT-47055: OWB: RolesEnumHelper.overrideRolesEnums in the isRole class is causing extreme load times when opening an RMP File stand alone
CLRT-56910: The line feed is ignored on list window and portlet window
CLRT-24729: Individual Project List views are defaulted to standard view after publishing a new portlet with Instance type as "project"
CLRT-57640: Units Missing When Cost Plan Is Populated If Rate Matrix Uses "Middle of Month" dates
CLRT-56291: Data Provider: Team Allocations - When creating new Portlet, this data provider is not working
CLRT-57358: Post Timesheet Job incorrectly creates financial transactions for projects with Financial Status not 'Open' (CLRT-57559)
CLRT-57603: NMS_MESSAGES select query activity extremely high in environments with large numbers of services.
CLRT-57543: Xogging/Saving/Submitting an object instance with N active process definitions tied to the object definition results in N leaked sessions in CMN_SESSIONS
CLRT-57731: BO reports run immediately but fail in BO cause the browser to spin for 10 minutes before an error occurs "report did not finish in stipulated time"
CLRT-52782: Baseline Usage in Team -> Staff view incorrect when Default Effort Units is set to Days
CLRT-57483: Rate Matrix Extraction Job - Performance improvement
CLRT-57489: When entering allocation in a daily or weekly TSV view on save the data disappears and then after a minute or so the data displays as expected
CLRT-57351: (ERQ) Display Export to excel message for truncated data
CLRT-57454: Populate From Resource Plan by Assignments: child task without charge code pulls charge code from a same-level task that is listed before it
CLRT-54729: Not able to delete the custom attributes on IE8
CLRT-50390: While adding the child portfolios it is giving javascript error on IE8 browser
CLRT-51037: Scorecard-Unapproved investments getting approved and included in scenario has cost/benefit getting doubled
CLRT-57269: XOG CBK Allocation Write action to update existing Standard Rules updates the wrong rules
CLRT-57089: Demand Management: Create Incident, Click 'Submit' button, URL is incomplete and generates error
CLRT-16784: Inactive resources can be added to Incidents
CLRT-56393: Milestones in Gantt view exported incorrectly to Excel
CLRT-56948: Charge Codes admin page is exposed to a read-only blind sql injection attack if cookie session parameters can be compromised
CLRT-56440: PERF - Server behaving very slow after trying to add sub-projects
CLRT-47384: OWB: mark the default view as read-only and when you minimize owb you get
CLRT-56363: (ERQ) OWB: Add new calculated field called "Usage Variance (aggregated)" that uses Task Baseline Usage (aggregated) minus Task Total Usage
CLRT-56292: Scrolling of hierarchical cost plan TSV columns is not working correctly using pre-sales data
CLRT-57338: When a xml transaction file contains "expenseType" attribute the XOG causes the Error "Inbound Transaction Object Insert failed"
CLRT-57062: BO Reports (WEBI and Crystal) are only run 1 at a time due to BOReporting.scheduleReport() being synchronized
CLRT-56525: Scheduled reports that take more than 10 min to generate a report are failing
CLRT-54955: MSP -- scheduling issue when you allocate a team member at less than 100%.
CLRT-56068: Work effort Units: Replace Resources on Task Assignment screen is displaying in Hours, when System Default is in days.
CLRT-51872: When a user deletes the process which sent Action Item and notification the Action Item is deleted but the notification is not. Clicking on Action Item link caused undefined system error.
CLRT-55428: RATE MATRIX JOB RUNTIME with no incremental data still takes ~25 minutes
CLRT-56364: Notes for timesheet time entries do not appear in the Timesheet Detail Report.
CLRT-54561: Soft Allocation Start Date, and Booking Status changed for non-Labor resources after saving back to Clarity from MSP.
CLRT-52258: Proxool connection maximum lifetime is set to 48 hours resulting in a very long delay for the connection pool to shrink.
CLRT-55537: The actions > edit mode view is not working with TSV values if the first attribute is not editable.
CLRT-55870: Cannot Open Jobs and Reports on the Admin Side Without Having a Report Server Defined
CLRT-55838: Date format is MM/DD/YYYY for European locale under Matrix Properties: Edit Matrix Rows --> New
CLRT-56580: Roll back fix for CLRT-47797 to prevent incorrect deletion of instance rights.
CLRT-56016: PRNOTE orphan delete dramatically slows down performance during Delete Investments job run.
CLRT-55815: Delete Investment job consumes 100% CPU while reading object instances using ODF classes prior to deleting the instances
CLRT-56000: Gantt Scrolling Does Not Work
CLRT-55005: Chargeback code doesn't recognize Credit To Rule when location is set to Project Location in Wip Settings
CLRT-56260: Incorrect number format error when trying to save a value in a multi-valued lookup attribute based on OBS_BROWSE_* lookup
CLRT-55972: Cost Plan - Error message: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00001: unique constraint
CLRT-54106: When Populate from Resource plan by Assignment, task with no charge code assigned should not be shown in Cost Plan details
CLRT-50437: The display of user value 1 dynamic lookups is not honoring the sort
PMO-356: Resource Availability Report by week is showing hours by day and doubled in end/start of the Month
CLRT-47797: Cancelled and Immediate Run reports can continue to build up records in the CMN_SCH_JOBS table and can cause performance problems
CLRT-48499: Removing subproject (or child project in hierarchy) leaves orphaned hierarchy records
CLRT-50211: Export to Excel from Portlet by an user causes out of memory error which results in bringing the server down
CLRT-54989: Time-Scaled Value for Resource Allocation does not display Previous Periods correctly, starting with 12.0.6
CLRT-54995: Export to Excel (Data Only) is dramatically slower after upgrade from 8.1.1 to 12.0.5
CLRT-55085: Gantt virtual attribute displays data beyond defined number of time periods under list or portlet Gantt time period settings
CLRT-55239: Filtering for Static Dependent Lookup does not work on 12.0.6
CLRT-53880: Cost Plan Time Scale Value setting Not Configurable
CLRT-53168: Power filter in project list with OBS unit doesn't work
CLRT-53222: Attributes with same ID set as Optimization cause Scenario Generation System error in Portfolio
CLRT-54115: XOG resource or projects with values not present for custom attributes will set the values to the "Default" value
CLRT-54116: XOG OBS complete='true' flag fails to replace unit changes
CLRT-54278: XOG OBS write for unit update is behaving like an insert rather than an update and generates XOG-2628 error
CLRT-54789: Process tied to an OBS expression in the start condition does not start when combined with attribute expressions or if other processes exist on update for the same object
CLRT-53795: Baseline Cost not populated in OWB if Task has an Expense Resource assigned with 0 ETC
CLRT-45739: Unable to batch printing an invoice to a printer or a file
CLRT-46122: Demand Billing: Adjustment amount not rounded properly can cause error REVMGR-20908

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