Cisco Switch IE4000 is mapped incorrectly in CA Spectrum as 25004GC4GP4GE.

Document ID : KB000005688
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Cisco IE4000 devices is incorrectly showing up in Spectrum, as Cisco IE2500 devices.

This problem has been visible from Spectrum 9.4 until Spectrum 10.2, on all supported platforms.

The OIDs of the IE4000 series devices and their mappings, are currently certified incorrectly in Spectum, as IE2500 series devices: 


OID: IE25004TC4GE 

OID: IE25008T4GE 

OID: IE25008S4GE 

OID: IE25008S4GE 

OID: IE250016T4GE 

OID: IE250016T4GE 

OID: IE25008GT4GE 

OID: IE25008GT4GE 


OID: IE250016GT4GE 




The incorrect mapping will be corrected in 10.2.1 as below: Cisco IE40004TC4GE Cisco IE40008T4GE Cisco IE40008S4GE Cisco IE40004T4P4GE Cisco IE400016T4GE Cisco IE40004S8P4GE Cisco IE40008GT4GE Cisco IE40008GS4GE Cisco IE40004GC4GP4GE Cisco IE400016GT4GE


The two OIDs below are not certified and will also be mapped in 10.2.1 as below: Cisco IE40008GT8GP4GE Cisco IE40004GS8GP4GE


The problem can be worked around in Spectrum, using self-certify in the Device certification tool. 

OneClick Console->Tools->Utilities->Device Certification.

From here you can Add/edit the SysOIDs and its device names to make the above changes manually.


Additional Information:
  • This device has enhanced certification in Spectrum since 9.4 as can be seen from our certification page.


  • You can extend and customize the CA Spectrum simple or enhanced certification support using Self-Certification.