CICS Startup - Missing Phase Messages

Document ID : KB000055344
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When starting CICS, the eTrust CA-Top Secret messages confirming that phase 0, 1, and 2 started and completed are not generated.

There are a number of items to check in order to troubleshoot such a situation.


It is recommended to check the following:

    1. Was ENF up completely at the time the CICS region was started?

    2. What genlevel of CA Common Services are you running? Does this level support the release of CICS you are running?

    3. Is the correct CICSREL parameter specified in the ENF parameters? The CICSREL parameters settings for each CICS release are:
                CTS release  CICSREL setting           1.1          51           1.2          52           1.3          53           2.1          61           2.2          62           2.3          63           3.1          64 


  1. Is MODE( CICS,ON ) in the ENF parameters to have the ENF hooks automatically (attempted to) install in CICS regions that correspond to the values in the CICSREL parameter (ie CTS 3.1 for CICSREL(63) )?

  2. Is the CA Common Services library in LINKLIST? - If not, it should be in the CICS JCL with a CENFLIB DD card.

  3. Does the CICS start up proc have any old CA Common Services or eTrust CA-Top Secret libraries in the STEPLIB or DFHRPL concatenations?

  4. Is KO50DCM2 installed in the ENF database? You can run a CAS9DB utility to list the contents of the ENF database. If KO50DCM2 is not in the ENF database, eTrust CA-Top Secret sampjcl member TSSENFDC can be run to install it. Once installed, you will need to recycle ENF cold ( S ENF,,,COLD) in order to pick this up.

  5. Is the eTrust CA-Top Secret 8.0 FMID (CKO8010) or eTrust CA-Top Secret 9.0 FMID (CKO9010) for CICS 4.1 and above installed? (Make sure there isn't an old eTrust CA-Top Secret library in the DFHRPL or STEPLIB in the CICS startup proc.)