CICS Default Authorization ID

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When running CA GEN cooperative flow transactions, the process is using the CICS default ID and authorization  of <SCTTEST> (where the name may be differ by site) and not the logon user ID and its authority.  Middleware is the MultiSocket Server Listener (TIML) or Single Socket Server Listener (TISL) with Client Manager and/or Communications Bridge.



The Host Name and Port must be correct and match throughout the middleware.  To verify, log onto CICS and run command EZAC DISplay LISTENER for the TIML.  Make corrections to Client Manager and/or to the Communications Bridge to match the TIML port setting.  The same is true if using the Single Socket Server Listener (TISL).   An example of the command EZAC DISplay LISTENER display follows when the TRANID is TIML or TISL:


APPLID       ===> DBDCCICS             APPLID of CICS System                

TRANID       ===> TISL                 Transaction Name of Listener         

PORT         ===> 03103                Port Number of Listener              

AF           ===> INET                 Listener Address Family              

IMMEDIATE    ===> YES                  Immediate Startup   Yes|No           

BACKLOG      ===> 025                  Backlog Value for Listener           

NUMSOCK      ===> 100                  Number of Sockets in Listener        

ACCTIME      ===> 010                  Timeout Value for ACCEPT             

GIVTIME      ===> 040                  Timeout Value for GIVESOCKET         

REATIME      ===> 001                  Timeout Value for READ               

RTYTIME      ===> 015                  Stack Connection Retry Time          

LAPPLD       ===> NO                   Register Application Data              

The port must match the port in the client manager server configuration details and/or the communications bridge server configuration details used in CICS.