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Last Modified Date : 25/07/2018
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 We are using CA SYSVIEW 14.2. I have tried to see the DBCTL therads usage in some of the CICS. I just want to know whether this feature is working in SYSVIEW or not?
One of my team members is saying that this feature isn't working since it shows all the fields in the sanp shows zero - "0" I would like some one from SYSVIEW Performance support contact me to make sure what I am doing right. I have seen some stats other than ZERO - '0" in production CICS sometimes back. I just want to make sure what I am doing is not wrong.
The screenshots from your test in two CICS regions both show the same thing: after the DBCTL session was disconnected then the CDBCTL display shows a value for the thread high water mark (and I think the PSB schedule requests got reset to zero at that time also).
We get similar results here: the thread min hits, max hits, high water mark and elapsed time only get populated once the connection is stopped.
This CICS doc says statistics are collected when DBCTL is disconnected:
Seems like the thread stats for the session may be kept on the IMS side and then supplied back to CICS at disconnect.
The CDBCTL display has been around for 20+ years. I don't know if a long time ago these stats were internally maintained by CICS/IMS differently, or if the current behavior has always existed.
But the current behavior does agree with the CICS doc, although that makes some of these fields less useful