CIA ORGINFO Table and the relationship to the USER/ACID

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The ORGINFO table in the CIA database shows zones, divisions and departments but it does not show users connected to any of these.
How do you connect the USERINFO to the ORGINFO to know what zone, division or dept users/acids are in? 


The ORGINFO table is only useful for showing the full 32 character name associated with an org ACID (department, division, zone).  The SCPUSER and SCPPROF tables are the ones where you can see the relationship between a user or profile ACID and their organization.  The SCOPEID column contains the org ACID and the USERMASK / PROFNAME column in the corresponding table contains the user / profile ACID.  You would then have to join the ORGINFO table based on the SCOPEID if you wanted to list the associated 32 character org ACID name.

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