Checklist for Trigger and Action Problems

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Triggers occur but the event is not displayed on the console


Please note triggers will only work if the following have been set.

The ENF needs to be installed, check with the commands enfcontrol 666 and enfcontrol 105 (Unix only)

CAIENF-I-FLAG[904] DSCLOSE functionality enabled 0x'ffffffff'

If the Calendar field is defined, the trigger works only once a day. Check the status of the trigger to ensure that the trigger is in "waiting" status If the trigger is in a "COMPL" (completed) status, the event will not occur.

A trigger occurs only if the trigger is scheduled and in the tracking file, in a waiting status.

  • Only calendar-controlled triggers may be used as predecessors;non calendar controlled triggers may be fired multiple times but may not be used as predecessors.

For any trigger related problem, please check the following:

Check the current date and make sure it is after the Effective Date and before the Expiration Date for the trigger. If not, you may need to change these dates.

  • If the Station field is set, make sure the trigger occurring on the hostname is defined in this station.

  • Check the value in the Skip field, which indicates how many autoscans to skip. Make sure that this trigger was not omitted from the schedule.

  • Verify that the checkpoint file exists. Along with Basic Tracing, the console log and the checkpoint file should be submitted to support.

  • Verify if the file has been created/modified by running a 'ls -l <filename>' command on the directory where file resides.

  • Find the machine where the trigger is occurring, if it is not on the Workload server. Verify that the station defined for the trigger is the same as the machine where the trigger ran.

  • Check whether the User ID field in the Trigger profile is defined or blank. If the User is identified, that user must be the one who caused this event. Otherwise, the trigger will not occur.

  • Fix the causes for any Console error messages.

  • Verify that the trigger has been loaded into the tracking file by either autosel=y or by demand.

  • Review the latest $CAIGLBL0000/sche/log/hostname/ca71cs.* file (UNIX). Fix any errors.