Chassis Down Alarm

Document ID : KB000049478
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Customer gets a "Chassis down" alarm, when a router is disconnected in Spectrum 9.2. The alarm is clearable, but the question is, why?

After clearing the alarm and the next poll cycle, two new alarms are in the alarm list:

  1. "Device has stopped responding to polls" - not clearable

  2. "Blade status unknown" - clearable.


  1. The "Chassis down"/10f69 alarm should not be user clearable. This is addressed in Spectrum 9.2.1 H06 and above.

  2. There are no plans to change our chassis-based alarming scheme, meaning that both the "Chassis down"/10f69 and "Device stopped responding to polls"/10009 alarms will continue to be generated.


    1. Turn off EntityMIB-based module modeling:

      Set the EnableEntityModuleModeling attribute to No and then reconfigure the device model. This should prevent "Chassis down" alarms on EntityMIB-based chassis devices.

    2. Customize Alarm Notifier scripts:

      It may be possible to customize the UpdateScript to clear a trouble ticket once the "Device stopped responding to polls" alarm becomes a symptom (some time after it was generated) of the "Chassis down" alarm. The UpdateScript could key off the "Symptom Count" alarm attribute to determine if the alarm is symptomatic. The user would then be left with the single trouble ticket for the root cause "Chassis Down" alarm. CA Services could be an option to implement such a solution.