Changing the CA APM TIM server hostname and IP Address.

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Last Modified Date : 12/07/2018
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If the CA APM TIM server needs to have its hostname and IP Address changed, what are the required changes on the APM CE (CEM) side to ensure that data capture from the TIM is maintained.


In theory, the TIM server can stay online monitoring traffic on its monitoring port while changes are made to the hostname and IP Address. However, in practice it is probably best to schedule a downtime window to perform the changes.

1. For safety backup the TIM config directory (default /opt/CA/APM/TIM/config)

2. Under CEM->Setup->Monitors, disable the TIM.
This will prevent Communication Error/Warning Event messages arising from when MOM/Collector running TIM Collection Service loses contact with the TIM server. NOTES:
a. Even if the Tim is still receiving monitoring port traffic it will no longer process any data until the Monitor is re-enabled or re-added in step 4.          
b. If when the disable step is executed a connectivity problem causes a timeout, then the TIM will be shown as disabled. In this case, it is then best to completely delete the TIM per these steps:

  • Take copy of Setup->Web Server Filters as backup. A screenshot should be adequate.
  • Delete the TIM from the Monitors list.
  • Using the TIM UI, update the TIM settings for TessCollectorIpAddr and TessIpAddr to be blank. This ensures when TIM is re-added, the correct Collector & MOM IP Addresses are automatically populated.
c. If the MOM & Collector hostname & IP Address are changing also, then follow the delete TIM steps in b. above.

3. Change the TIM hostname and IP Address as per the typical site practice for any Redhat Linux server e.g.

  • Run hostname command
  • Edit /etc/hosts. Ensure the Full Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and ALIAS are both set after the IP Address i.e. "<IP_ADDRESS> <FQDN> <ALIAS>"
  • Edit /etc/sysconfig/network files. Ensure the FQDN is used for the HOSTNAME.

IP Address (assuming eth0 is correct interface):

  • Edit /etc/hosts, /etc/sysconfig/network and /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 files

After all changes, run "service network restart" to restart the system network service (including other services) to pickup the changes. This step will restart all network interfaces and so will cause a short interruption to the monitoring port interface. Assuming it is successful, a reboot is not required. 

4. Verify the new TIM IP Address can be pinged successfully from the MOM and the Collector running the TCS. Also test the TIM web server (port 80) connectivity with command "telnet <tim_ip_address> 80".                            

5. Under CEM->Setup->Monitors          
a. If TIM has only been disabled, click on the "Name" link and change the "IP Address" field  to the new value. For consistency, you can also change the "Name" field to the new hostname, but that field is just a label and is not actually used for hostname resolution. 
b. If TIM was deleted. re-add it with the new "Name" and "IP Address" field values.
c. Enable the TIM and verify the Domain Configuration Status and Monitor Configuration Status both show as Normal.