Changing the SYSVIEW default SMF record from type 255.

Document ID : KB000011155
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is it possible to change the SMF record type that CA SYSVIEW creates?


It is indeed possible to change the SMF record type that CA SYSVIEW creates.

If you change the default SMF record type of 255 created by CA SYSVIEW you must keep the distributed definitions for the SMF 255 record in the SMFTYPE parmlib member in order to display the record from the CTASKS display. If you do not replicate the original 255 entries in the member and then change them to the SMF number that you want to create, Selecting a transaction from the CTASKS display will result in the following error:

GSVX031E*LOAD failed for module GSVVF255, module not found

Selecting a transaction from CTASKS will result in the GSVX031E message if the SMFTYPE parmlib member contains an entry for type 255, but it doesn't have a FORMAT specified on it so it will default to '@' which means it will look for GSVVFnnn.

In the CICSLOGR parmlib member the record number can be specified as something other than 255, but that only causes the record number to be changed right before it is written out. The actual record being built within the CICS region is always a 255 record, which then gets shipped over to the CICSLOGR subtask in the SYSVIEW STC. The number then gets changed from 255 to whatever was specified in the CICSLOGR member before it is written out.

When you Select a transaction from CTASKS we dynamically build a record (because the transaction hasn't ended yet) as type 255. It is for this reason that the 255 entry, at least for subtype 27 (GSVYF027), must not be deleted from the SMFTYPE parmlib member.