Changing the default display labels on the 'Additional Info' tab during registration of the API Developer Portal

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Under the 'Additional Info' tab when registering for the API Developer Portal, as outlined in our documentation: 


*** Copy of documentation ***


"This tab records information about the Developer’s organization as well as any custom information requested by the Portal for registration. For information on how Administrators can add fields to this tab, see "Create Custom Fields". 


Organization Name: Optionally enter the name of the Developer’s organization. This will appear as the Organization Name on the API Portal. If left blank, the username with “_org” will be used as the Organization Name. 

Organization Description: Optionally enter a description about the organization. This will appear as the Organization Description on the API Portal. If left blank, the username will be used in the Organization Description." 


*** End of Copy ***


But here is where some of the confusion is in our Portal. Under the 'Additional Info' tab, those aren't the names of the labels (out of the box). As shown below, they are titled 'Title' and 'Description' by default unless you change this. Title referring to Organization name, and Description referring to Organization Description. 




These labels can be changed to be a bit more descriptive. The field labels are editable from the phrasepack content items:


1. With the admin user of Portal, navigate to the following URL: 




2. For the dashboard-display.xml, edit the text of that specific .xml (yellow pencil icon) 


3. Look for the below two option keys: 


<Option key="title">Title</Option> 

<Option key="description">Description</Option> 


4. DO NOT change the Option Key itself, leave them as title and description, but you can edit the contents within it. Example below: 


<Option key="title">Change This To Whatever You'd Like</Option> 

<Option key="description">Change This To Whatever You'd Like</Option> 


5. Hit Save at the top right 


6. Once back to the CMS, you will have to publish the page you just edited. A green arrow icon should've appeared, titled 'Publish'. Once you click that, the changes should take effect.

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