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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to change the MAXACIDSIZE (maximum size of an ACID) from 256K (the default) to 512K?



To increase MAXACIDSIZE, the following steps are needed :

  1. Allocate a new security file using members TSSMAIND and TSSMAINS in the CAIJCL library (CA Top Secret r14) or the CAKOJCL0 library (CA Top Secret r15 and r16).

  2. Specify MAXACIDSIZE(512) (or any value between 256 and 512) in the CAIJCL/CAKOJCL0 SECPARM member before running TSSMAINS.

  3. Run TSSXTEND to copy the current backup security file to the newly allocated file. Issue a TSS MODIFY(BACKUP) to take an immediate backup, before running TSSXTEND.

The change will be in effect for all ACIDs. Any ACID that reaches 256K in size will be allowed to grow to the MAXACIDSIZE value.

NOTE: If you are running CA Top Secret r15 or r16, the VSAM security file extension is required. A new VSAM security file will need to be allocated before step 1 above (using the sample jcl in member VSAMDEF3 in the CA Top Secret CAKOJCL0 library. In step 3 above, TSSXTEND would be used to copy both the BDAM and VSAM security files to the new BDAM and VSAM security files.


Additional Information:

  • In a multi-CPU/LPAR security file environment, the change can be implemented one security file at a time.

  • The size of the security file does not have to be increased nor is there any impact on performance.

  • The change will not make every ACID automatically grow to that size. Most ACIDs are very small in size. (The size is shown if you do a TSS LIST(acid) DATA(BASIC) for the ACID.) The current ACIDs will stay the same size. The change only allows for ACIDs to grow beyond 256K if the ACID ever reaches that size.

Please see the CA Top Secret Installation Guide for more details about MAXACIDSIZE.