Changing default user name and ports (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 155082)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When installing the SiteMinder product, we would like to know if Netegity will support changing the default user names, 'SiteMinder' & 'smuser', to something less obvious. Will all future upgrades/patches still work?

We also need to ask the same question to the port numbers 4444x? Can these be changes to something else and still be supported by Netegrity?


The "SiteMinder" user in the admin UI is a hard coded user for the admin UI. Since you cannot disable this user account, your best bet is to make sure it is protected with a complex enough password. Once your server is up and running, you can of course, create other admin accounts for use in day to day operations.

You are not required to create an "smuser" account for installation. CA simply encourages this for consistency across installations. Our only requirement is that the user you install the Policy Server under is the account used every time you start or stop the Policy Server. The Policy Server can be installed as any existing non-root user with appropriate permissions.

SiteMinder has supported running on ports other than the default through the last several versions. To change the port numbers on the Policy Server, refer to the section "Policy Server Management Console Task Reference -> Adjusting TCP, UDP and Other Settings" in the Policy Server Management Guide.

You will also need to configure the new ports on the agent side. For this refer to "Agents and Agent Groups -> Working with Trusted Hosts -> Trusted Host Configuration Parameters" in the Policy Design Guide.

By following the procedures listed in these two sections and paying careful attention to the caveats regarding firewalls, etc. they describe you can very easily switch these ports.