Changing a base calendar used by a team can yield inaccurate total availability in PPM

Document ID : KB000112030
Last Modified Date : 01/12/2018
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If you change the shifts in a base calendar assigned to a team in PPM, the availability is not correct.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Log in to PPM as an admin user.
  2. Create a base calendar called HalfTime.  
  3. Set the shifts for M-F for 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM with no afternoon shift.
  4. Create a new labor resource and assign it the calendar created above.  Verify resource availability is 4.
  5. Create a team and add the labor resource above.  Add one other resource that uses the standard calendar.
  6. Confirm the team availability is 12 (made by 1*8 + 0.5*8)
  7. Change the M-F shifts of the standard calendar to end at 07:00 PM, making a ten hour day.  Check the team availability
Expected Results: Availability 14 (10 for the resource using standard plus 4 for the resource using half time)
Actual Results: Availability is 15 (from 1.5*10)
This is caused by: DE43424
This issue is fixed in PPM 15.5.1.
Additional Information:
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