Changed $OPTIONS $TPUNIT field in CA ASM2 and now IXR will not start. Receive message: 004_ ASMMN020 - IPC initalization error RC=20 RS=16 INF=36 _004

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Changed $OPTIONS $TPUNIT values and now receive the following error when starting IXR.

004_ ASMMN020 - IPC initalization error RC=20 RS=16 INF=36 _004 


$OPTIONS values are positional in design. There are a specific number of entries that can be used and it is not a variable list. YOu can use existing provided lines for your tape esoterics but you cannot add a new definition that does not already exist in the filed values that CA ASM2 provides. Remove any new lines you mave have added or replace any lines you may have removed.

Reassemble $OPTIONS using the SAMPJCL(L142IKE) job provided, refresh the LNKLST, and restart IXR.

Sample $TPUNIT values:

$TPUNIT   EQU   *                                       USER MODABLE  
$TP3420   DC    CL8'RTAP    '     UNIT NAME FOR 3420 ALLOCATIONS      
$TP3480   DC    CL8'CART    '     UNIT NAME FOR 3480 ALLOCATIONS      
$TPM860   DC    CL8'M860    '     UNIT NAME FOR M860 ALLOCATIONS      
$TP348X   DC    CL8'3480    '     UNIT NAME FOR 3480 XF DRIVES    @IDRC
$TP349E   DC    CL8'3490    '     UNIT NAME FOR 3490 E ALLOCATIONS    
$TP359E   DC    CL8'3590-1  '     UNIT NAME FOR VTAP ALLOCATIONS      
          DC    CL8'        '     UNIT NAME TABLE EXPANSION