Change Security String for LostFound Model

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Security strings on Lost Found model and their Inheritance in One click


How are the security strings rolled onto the LostFound model in Oneclick?


Spectrum /One click servers running on both Windows and Unix Flavors



The LostFound model has an 'Application' relationship to the VNM model. This means that the Security Strings on the VNM model will roll down to the LostFound model. 


So you could update the Security_String on the VNM model for example ADMIN|TEST for example (meaning a user would need to have either ADMIN or the TEST Security Community assigned) and this would roll down to the LostFound model. 

Additional Information:

Just to note, the default behavior for security strings is to AND '&' them together. In order to modify just the LostFound with strings OR'd '|' you will likely need to create a Security String Roll Down Override using the MTE as described in chapter 7 of the Spectrum Administrator Guide.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Changing the Security String on the VNM model is not recommended because the non ADMIN users may then have access to ADMIN privileges.


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