How can I set the logging level to see INFO messages for custom GEL scripts?

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Last Modified Date : 07/08/2018
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Currently we only see "ERROR" messages from our custom GEL scripts, is there a way to be able to have "INFO" messages go into the logs for custom GEL scripts that run on our CA PPM system?
Since CA PPM 15.3 there is a new CSA Setting for Error Logging
This allows you to configure the level of logging that you want to see for process GEL scripts using <gel:log>. 
As a default, only errors or fatal logs are persisted in the BPM_ERRORS table. 
Accordingly, only error messages appear on the user interface. 
Messages that are not logged in BPM_ERRORS are not visible. 
You can change the default setting to allow logs for warnings and other informational messages so they also appear.
To do this:
Go to the /niku/nu#action:security.logs, "edit configuration" section.
In the Process Engine Persistence Logging section, complete the following field:
"Process Engine Persistence Log Level"
Setting the level to "Info" will give informational messages in the process engine logs.
If “
Detect Log Configuration Changes Automatically” is checked, no bg restart is necessary.
For better performance, we recommend that you the keep the logging level at Error.