Change Process Engine log settings

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Last Modified Date : 18/04/2018
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I'm checking the process engine log and can only see messages of "ERROR" type.
I'd like to see also the "INFO" message for troubleshooting my custom gelscripts.
Since CA PPM 15.3 there is a new CSA Setting for Error Logging
This allows you to configure the level of logging that you want to see for process GEL scripts using <gel:log>. 
As a default, only errors or fatal logs are persisted in the BPM_ERRORS table. 
Accordingly, only error messages appear on the user interface. 
Messages that are not logged in BPM_ERRORS are not visible. 
You can change the default setting to allow logs for warnings and other informational messages so they also appear.
To do this:
Go to the /niku/nu#action:security.logs, "edit configuration" section.
In the Process Engine Persistence Logging section, complete the following field:
"Process Engine Persistence Log Level"
Setting the level to "Info" will give informational messages in the process engine logs.
If “
Detect Log Configuration Changes Automatically” is checked, no bg restart is necessary.
For better performance, we recommend that you the keep the logging level at Error.