Change Print Date Field to Last Access Date on Panel SARP2A7

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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On panel SARP2A7, the client changed the fields _FPRTDATE and @PRTDATE to FACCDAT and ACCDAT, respectively.

They then ran a SARDBASE OLOAD, to load the panel change.

The end result was that the panel was not showing what they expected.



CA View 12.2



To have the proper values appear, the _FACCDAT and @ACCDAT fields should be used on the panels, per the below:


 . Before:


¬Sel $Sysout ID                       !Read Date !Time !Print Date!Time +       

 ==> _FID                             _FRDRDATE  _Z    _FPRTDATE  _Z    +       


_Z   ¢KEY                             @RDRDATE   @Z    @PRTDATE   @Z    +       


  &VARS = '(FRDRTIME FPRTTIME SELECT RDRTIME PRTTIME)'                          



 . After:

¬Sel $Sysout ID                       !Read Date !Time !Lst Acs Dt!Time +       

 ==> _FID                             _FRDRDATE  _Z    _FACCDAT   _Z    +       


_Z   ¢KEY                             @RDRDATE   @Z    @ACCDAT    @Z    +       


  &VARS = '(FRDRTIME FPRTTIME SELECT RDRTIME PRTTIME)'                          


The _FACCDAT date field will have a value if a report was accessed. 

If the report was never accessed, the Date field (and Time field) will be blanks. 


The Time field may have a value, but according to the panel layout, that Time field would be from when a report was last printed, and not from when it was last accessed.