How do I Update a Tenant or Internal User Store Name in AXA?

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Last Modified Date : 20/03/2018
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  How do I Update a Tenant or Internal User Store Name in AXA?
  AXA 17.3 On Premise Environment

Update the Tenant Name

1.) Login into AXA as a Global Administrator (using tenant "defaultorg")

2.) Select the "Admin UI"

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3.) Select "Manage Tenants", then the name of the Tenant that is being updated.

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4.) Enter the new name for this Tenant and click Save. The Tenant name will now be updated.

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The user store name will not be updated however.

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Update the User Store Name

To update the user store name, the AXA Rest API must be used. To use this API, you must first authenticate with the API and then "put" an updated user store name. To authenticate to the API, please follow the steps documented here:

For the purposes of updating the user store name, note both the "tkn" and "userCohort" values and these will be used in subsequent steps.

Here is an example output:
    "userCohort": "24D3D75F-FD3A-4CB6-2B4D-9194B28003D9",
    "tkn": "<tkn>",
    "tt": "Bearer",
    "v": 1800,
    "rtkn": "<rtkn>",
    "lc": "en_US",
    "rt": 0,
    "userRefID": 41

Once authenticated, you will need to create an authorization token as described here:

At this point, we are ready to update the user store. For this example Postman was used, though curl or many other utilities will work as well.

Create a "Put" request to http://<FQDN>:<Port>/ess/tenants/v1/cohorts/<userCohort> where userCohort was obtained from the previous step. This request should include the following headers:
authorization: Bearer <Bearer Token Created in the last step>
cache-control: no-cache
content-type: application/json

For example:

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The Body should include the following data: {"cohort":"<userCohort>","displayName":"<New Name>"}

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A 204 response should be returned:

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The final results can then be verified by reviewing the Tenant information once again in the AXA UI:

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Additional Information:
As always, contact CA Support if you have further questions.