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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You have Common Services 14.1 installed with CETN500. You are working on installing CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM) r6.0 and was told it needs CETN600. You will be doing the upgrade using CA CSM. What are the instructions for upgrading just CETN600?



The package for CETN600 is included with CA Chorus Software Manager r6.0. You may also download the package for CETN600 from CA Support Online by selecting CA Common Services - MVS release 14.1 or CA Chorus Software Manager - MVS release 6.0.  

The package is named: CA CSM COMMON SERVICES

The paxfile is named: DVD03135507E.pax.Z

You will be able to select this package directly from within your current CA CSM application by selecting CA CSM r6.0 0000 from the Products list and selecting install for this package. This new FMID must be installed into the same CSI where CCS r14.1 is installed, so be sure that you select to install into your existing CCS r14.1 CSI.  If you are not presented with the option to install into this existing CSI, cancel from the installation wizard and add the CCS r14.1 CSI to your working set. This can be done by getting into the SMP/E ENVIRONMENTS tab, right clicking on the CCS r14.1 CSI, and choose "add to working set".

There are documented steps in the CA CSM "Configuring SDS and SCS in CA CSM" guide. This is an HTML only document that can be found on CA Support Online in the CA CSM r6.0 bookshelf under the category "Configuring". The main difference is that it describes performing an "Install External Package". While this can be done to add the package it may not be necessary as the package may already be available to you. If you do not see the package listed, you can perform an Update Product Release to download current packages.

If you do not choose to use CA CSM to install CETN600, you may opt to download the paxfile directly into a USS filesystem and process the file as you would normally, by unpaxing the file and running UNZIPJCL to create the installation files on DASD. Since you will be installing into an existing CA Common Services CSI you do not need to allocate any files. You should only need to run the jobs to RECEIVE, APPLY, and ACCEPT the new function.


NOTE: Be sure to install CA Common Services r14.1 required PTF RO64952.