CE-APM interface to XNET/IDB2 encounters xntXNT103E Xnet SAF authentication failed

Document ID : KB000098120
Last Modified Date : 25/05/2018
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 Providing DB2 metrics to the CE-APM UI via the interface to XNET/SYSVIEW for DB2 (IDB2) fails due to the error: xntXNT103E Xnet SAF authentication failed.
Sysview for DB2  (IDB2) 19.0 , CEAPM 10.5 ( sysview 15.0), APM 10.5 
The CE-APM userID (as defined in the wily-Introscope properties file's SYSVDB2.username parameter) did not have an associated password in its RACF definition.
By redefining the CE-APM userID (as stated in the wily-introscope properties file's SYSVDB2.username parameter) to RACF with a password, the communication between CE-APM and XNET/SYSVIEW for DB2  proved successful. DB2 metrics could now be viewed in the UI.
Additional Information:
You could also define the CE-APM userID to RACF with the 'NOPASSWORD' parameter.
In ACF2 it is the 'RESTRICT' parameter that can be used for an ID that does not have an associated password.