cdm probe alarms due to high cpu usage caused by mcafee scan

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A customer has a machine that runs a virus scan at a set time. During this time period the McAfee mcshield.exe process consumes 100% of cpu for the duration of the scan ( 1 1/2 hr - 3 hrs) causing the cdm probe to alarm on total cpu usage. The customer did not want to process the alarm when the McAfee scan was in progress.


- Windows Server 2008 SR2
- cdm probe
- McAfee scan


Using the nas probe, create a preprocessing rule.

probe: cdm
robot: <source_robot_name>
message string: /.*total cpu is.*/
Action: exclude (delete) or make the alarm invisible

Optionally, set the 'Operating Period' of the profile as desired so the preprocessor rule will only be active during those hours.

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