cdm filesystem shows NA and displays skipping hidden disk in the logs

Document ID : KB000004386
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In the image below, we can see that the /udb/home/udbxinsp file system is showing NA.  When looking at the logs, it shows the following snippet:

Sep 21 11:19:51:238 [140737354045184] cdm: CheckDiskInfo - Skipping hidden disk /udb/home/udbxinsp 



It was not known why the file system was showing as a hidden disk in the logs, since we could navigate to the file system on the OS without issue.  It was also verified that the file system was owned by root, which is what cdm needs permissions for.

UIM 7.x - 8.x

It was found that RegEx was causing the file system to be marked as hidden in the logs.  Please refer to the below troubleshooting steps for correcting the issue.

  • The /udb/home/udbxinsp file system needed to be deleted from the cdm GUI Status tab by performing the following: 
  1.   Right click on the file system and Delete.  Note: This does not delete the file system from the OS.  Please see the image below for more information.
  2.   Deactivate and activate the cdm probe, which should allow the file system to be repopulated.


  • After deleting the file system in the cdm GUI, it did not repopulate and had the following error in the logs:


  • After looking in the cdm GUI Setup > Control properties tab in the Ignore Filesystems text box, RegEx was being used to ignore the /udb/home/udbxinsp file system.  It was found that the \/.*home of the below RegEx was causing the file system to be hidden and to not be repopulated after deleting.


  • After removing the \/.*home section of RegEx, the file system showed up under the cdm GUI and displayed the correct file information.