ccsmagtd.exe & ccnfAgent.exe spike CPU and memory on Citrix servers.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ccsmagtd.exe & ccnfAgent.exe spike CPU and memory on Citrix servers.

Errors seen in the logs:


    ERROR Timeout when waiting for comstore save operation!

  • TRC_CSMAGENT_0.log:

    sending of the "hello" message to the DSM manager xxxxxxxxxx fails: SmSend() returned 0x33202, host xxxxxxxxxx


This problem is related to the big size of the comstore on Citrix systems and that periodically a ccnfreportdelta report will is created (per default every 60 min).

csmagtd.exe and ccnfagent.exe will use more memory and CPU time to create a comstore delta report.

Disable 'delta-reports'

  • In the DSM Explorer drill down to Control Panel->Configuration->Configuration Policy and define a new policy Ex: My_Deltareport.

  • Double-click on the new policy and drill down to DSM->Agent->Common configuration and set the parameter 'Delta-report interval' to 0 (this will disable the delta-report).

  • Seal the policy and apply it on all the Citrix systems.

To verify that the policy has been applied

Go to the Citrix system under All Computers. Drill down to Configuration->Configuration Policies you should see 'My_Deltareport' under 'Directly Applied Policies'.


On the Citrix system check the output of the command:

ccnfcmda -cmd GetParameterValue -ps itrm/agent/cc -pn deltareport (The output should be '0')

Note: The delta report is only an add on and disabling it does not reduce functionality.

The Comstore is a configuration file that contains information related to Agent scheduling, Agent run, etc,.. and disabling delta-report just stops the comstore from getting updated at regular intervals.

The setting is important in situations, where the agent is running on a Citrix server and large number of users login/logout, which in turn forces the comstore to be updated continuously, spiking the CPU.