CBLCNVRT Numeric fields converted as alphanumeric

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The solution is to verify your release of COBOL and then use the correct parameter.

In this case, COBOL 4.2 was used so the correct parameter was I341. 

Members CBLCNVRD and CBLCNVRT in your EASYTRIEVE CAIMAC library document the utilities. 

The latest version of CBLCNVRD specifies:                                                                               

| %CBLCNVRT infile (NUMDEF number) (QUOTE option) (SYSTEM {OS|DOS}) +
|      (COBOL {VS|II|II12|II13|I122|I212|I341}) (WANTSC {NO|YES}) +
|      (UID identifier)

and under Exhibit 1.1: CBLCNVRT Syntax                           

(COBOL {VS|II|II12|II13|I122|I212|I341})                                       

     This optional parameter specifies to CBLCNVRT which version of
     the COBOL compiler DMAP layout and Glossary file processing to
     use.  If COBOL II is in use, the II12 option is necessary. If IBM
     COBOL FOR MVS & VM 1.2.2 is in use, then the I122 option is
     required.  If IBM COBOL FOR OS/390 & VM 2.1.2 is in use, then the
     I212 option is required.  If COBOL II, Version 1 Release 3 is in
     use, then the II13 option is required.  The I341 option will work
     for IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 3.4.1 and above. The default is
      set to run with the VS COBOL compiler.                              

CBLCNVRT is not yet ready for COBOL 5, but an Enhancement request has been opened for this
so please join the discussion on the Mainframe Communities.