CBLCNVRT - Cobol Convert Information, including RC=16 EZABX009 error and S0C1 Abend

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Details on the Cobol Convert Macro %CBLCNVRT can be found in the CBLCNVRD member of the CA Easytrieve's CAIMAC library.


Information about the Cobol Convert Macro is provided in the CBLCNVRD member of the Easytrieve's CAIMAC library. In addition, a new parameter has been added via APAR QO84388 for CA Easytrieve release 6.4. From its description:

/* After applying  this PTF,  you must  use the  COBOL              */
/* I341 parm on the CBLCNVRT invocation to pick up the              */
/* changes.                                                         */
The same is true for CA Easytrieve r11. If you do not use the I341 parameter for Cobol release 3.4.1, you will encounter S0C1 Abend or the job abends with RC=16 and the following error message:
"EZABX009 An index or subscript is out of range."

Please use the I341 parameter for Cobol release 3.4.1 to avoid these errors.

Additional notes in this context:

  • RO01573 should be applied. It is an r11 SP3 CBLCNVRT fix to eliminate an EZABX009 error.
  • Also APPLY QO99825 if you are at r11 SP2. It eliminates a S0C1 related to CBLCNVRT processing. QO99825 is sourced into r11 SP3.