CAWA_E_20015 with EXITCODE 4001

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Job fails with following error messages reported in the event_demon* logs:

[05/02/2013 14:15:14]     CAUAJM_I_40245 EVENT: CHANGE_STATUS    STATUS: FAILURE    JOB: JOBNAME   MACHINE: machine-name   EXITCODE:  4001
[05/02/2013 14:15:14]     <File not found>

In the Agent log we can find the following error message :

Tue Feb 5 14:15:11 2013 CAWA_E_20015 Command/Script not found.Error code: 4001


The solution is to set oscomponent.lookupcommand=true in "agentparm.txt" file and restart the agent.

Explanation: When "oscomponent.lookupcommand" is set to "false", the full path to the script, command name, or command file must be specified in the job definition.

When "oscomponent.lookupcommand" is set to "true", the script, command name, or command file can be specified without the full path in a job definition.

On UNIX, the agent looks up the path to the script or command name for the specified user ID.

On Windows, the agent looks up the path to the command file in the following directories, in the order listed:
Agent installation directory, WINDOWS\system32 directory on 32-bit versions of Windows (or WINDOWS\SysWow64 directory on 64-bit versions of Windows), WINDOWS\system directory, WINDOWS directory, the system path and user path.

Please note:

  1. If set to true, verify that the agent on UNIX is running under the root account.
  2. The agent does not resolve environment variables specified in the command file path for Windows jobs.