CAUAJM_E_18965 start_mins and start_times cannot be specified together

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Last Modified Date : 19/07/2018
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Scenario: The job has start_times along with the days_of week, when trying to update the job with start_mins instead of start_times, we are receiving the below error after upgrading to r11.3.6 SP6:

Error: CAUAJM_E_18965 Error for JOB "WCM_TEST". <The JIL keyword "start_mins" cannot be specified together with JIL keyword "start_times".>

Any OS
Any Database
Any Workload Automation AE release
Please reference where it discusses the start_mins attribute. It is noted that this attribute cannot be specified in conjunction with each other.

start_mins Attribute -- Define the Minutes to Run a Job

The start_mins attribute defines the number of minutes after each hour at which the job should start on the days specified in the days_of_week attribute or on the dates specified in the calendar identified in the run_calendar attribute.

Note: Times set in the start_times and start_mins attributes override times set in a custom calendar. The date_conditions attribute controls the usage of this attribute.

You cannot specify both the start_times and start_mins attributes in the same job definition. If you do, CA Workload Automation AE ignores both attributes and generates an error.

Supported Job Types

This attribute is optional for all job types.


This attribute has the following format:


start_mins: mins [, mins]...

  • mins

    Defines the number of minutes after each hour to run the job.
    Limits: This value can be a number in the range 0 to 59. This value can contain up to 255 characters, and you can use multiple lines without specifying a continuation character. Separate multiple values with commas.
    Default: No start time is set.

Example: Specify a Job to Run at a Quarter Past and Half Past Each Hour

This example specifies that the job should run at a quarter past and half past each hour:

date_conditions: y

days_of_week: all

start_mins: 15, 30

Open a case with CA Support and request TFix T6FU003 to address this issue.