CAT9040I and CAT9041I messages in CA-TLMS during RELOAD.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Trying to unload/reload a database and the reload gets the following abend in step IDMSDBL3 if using CA-TLMS:

    CAT9040I Z20493 ON 8019 REJECTED BY CA-DYNAM/TLMS                  
    CAT9041I VOLUME IS NOT A SCRATCH TAPE                              
    IEC502E R 8019,Z20493,SL,DBM49RL,RELOAD                            
    CTS014 IEC502E R 8019,Z20493,SL,DBM49RL,RELOAD                     
    IEC148I 713-04,IFG0196N,DBM49RL,RELOAD,SYS005,8019,,IDM2.BES.SYS005 
    +IDMS DC329009 TMGR error: #TXN return code: 0C reason code: 0C55  

Other tape management systems may give different error messages.


CA-IDMS, any supported release.
CA-TLMS, any supported release.


The reason for this abend is that some tape management systems do not allow a second open for update in the same job step.


There is no specific solution to this scenario and the problem is documented in the RELOAD section of the CA-IDMS Utilities manual.

The circumvention is to NOT use the REUSE WORKFILES option or to use disk for the intermediate work files.

Additional Information

CA-IDMS Utilities Guide, Utility Statements, RELOAD.