CA-SystemEDGE AIX CPU Utilization Monitoring Values are Incorrect

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA-SystemEDGE Values ON AIX shown in Spectrum/Ehealth/CAPC may seem incorrect.

This is typically for a few reasons.

1) Typically O/S utilities themselves vary. It will depend on what your admin is using to Validate systemEDGEs cpu value.

If you sar 30 6 and compare the
 values from SAR against the sysedge reported cpu should match each other. This has to do with 2 things
                  A) Using the a o/s utility that reports similar to our direct o/s call.
                  B) Using a 30 second interval to match the fact that the agent checks based on a poll Interval.

2) A second portion of concern is sometimes Admins are looking at these as Virtual Hosts and they are not looking for the actual CPU usage but the EC/PC
Entitled Percent / Processor Consumed.

SystemEDGE stores these separately and is not always reported by the above managers. Below is the OID values to query and their descriptions. cpuStatsPC
 Number of physical processors consumed (pc) by logical CPU. The value reporte
 d is 'pc'
 multiplied by 100. For example, the value 80 represents 'pc' of .08
 Supported in SystemEDGE 4.3.4 and higher for AIX.
 The percentage of entitled capacity consumed (ec) by logical CPU.
 Supported in SystemEDGE 4.3.4 and higher for AIX.

3) A third Concern that occurs is, Is the CPU EC time correct. Again Similar to bullet 1 there is variance based on the O/s Utility utilized and the Interval of reporting.

To validate this data you can run,
mpstat 60 3

This should report the details as the agent shows.

For any further questions or clarification a support issue should be open.