CASH_E_01478 Submission failed, reason = WARNING - Unknown user

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 At Job submission, error message "CASH_E_01478 Submission failed, reason = WARNING - Unknown user xxxxx " is found in the logs

 Userid and password are OK


 UUJMA 11.2 on AIX


Usually it happens when using the SHA password encryption or latest encryption types 

By looking into file /etc/security/passwd , passwords start with {ssha512} or something like that 

In AIX only crypt hashing algorithm is supported (No MD5 or SHA)  


1)      Password checking can be disabled with below steps:

                      - Open file $CAIGLBL0000/sche/config/ExtNodeL.sch 

                      - In this file you'll see a single line with: -n=*,*,E 

                      - Change the last character from E ( Enable ) to D (for Disable) 

                      - Now it looks like: -n=*,*,D 

                      - Then you have to restart the agent

2)      Or if possible, ask your Aix System Administrator to revert to crypt hashing algorithm