casdgtw probe installed on a remote hub is not synchronizing / not creating tickets in CASD

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Last Modified Date : 08/03/2018
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Customer enabled the casdgtw probe on a remote hub but it is not creating alarms in CA Service Desk. Customer enabled nas Auto operator to auto assign tickets but it is not creating the service desk tickets in CASD.

Excerpt of errors from casdgtw.log
Apr 04 08:18:29:671 [main, casdgtw] ****************[ Starting ]****************
Apr 04 08:18:29:671 [main, casdgtw] 2.42, Base version 2.0.8
Apr 04 08:18:29:671 [main, casdgtw] Nimsoft
Apr 04 08:18:29:671 [main, casdgtw] port=48016, pid=0
Apr 04 08:18:30:114 [main, casdgtw] attach failed ((4) not found, Received status (4) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'subscribe' name = 'null'), trying subscribe
as well as...
Apr 04 09:24:34:298 [Thread-41976, casdgtw] [getAlarmIdFromQueryResult()]: Alarm Id after parsing is[null]
Apr 04 09:24:34:299 [Thread-41976, casdgtw] [queryClosedIncident()]: AlarmList from CASD after Query is[null]
Apr 04 09:24:34:299 [Thread-41976, casdgtw] [queryClosedIncident()]: Logging out of session with ID : 1311204043
Apr 04 09:24:34:377 [Thread-41976, casdgtw] [queryClosedIncident()]: Terminating session with CASD server after querying for closed incidents.
Apr 04 09:24:34:377 [Thread-41976, casdgtw] [queryClosedIncident()]: No alarm found for closed tickets.
Apr 04 09:24:34:377 [Thread-41976, casdgtw] AlarmList from plugin to be cleared is[null].
Apr 04 09:24:34:377 [Thread-41976, casdgtw] [queryClosedIncidentTimer ()]: No alarms available to acknowledge
- casdgtw v2.42 installed on a remote/secondary hub (not the Primary)
- nas v4.73
- CA UIM v8.31
- OS: Windows 2012 R2
1. Create a single ATTACH queue on the Primary hub.
 Name: casdgtw_ATTACH
Type: attach
Subject/Queue: alarm_assign (you can optionally include alarm_update and alarm_close)

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2. Create a GET queue on the remote hub where the casdgtw probe is deployed.
Name: casdgtw_GET
Configure it to connect to the casdgtw_ATTACH queue on the primary hub.
Type: get
Subject/Queue: casdgtw_ATTACH
Address: select the full NimBUS address of the primary hub
3. Create an ATTACH queue on the remote hub for the casdgtw probe to subscribe to.
Name: casdgtw
Type: attach
Subject/Queue: alarm_assign (optionally include alarm_update and alarm_close if these subjects have also been included in the ATTACH queue that was created on the primary hub).
e.g., alarm_assign,alarm_update,alarm_close

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4. Deactivate the casdgtw probe, if it is activated already. Once it is deactivated, Activate it and verify that the probe has attached to the casdgtw queue (the queue created in step 3 above) using the Hub probe configuration GUI -> Status tab. It may take a few minutes to refresh.
Be careful to create the queues correctly as decribed above. If you encounter any problems first double check the queue names and Subjects, and correct them if defined incorrectly, then cold start the casdgtw probe once again.
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