CAS9DB Utility RC=08. Job name ENFDBINT Fails no obvious reason.

Document ID : KB000054850
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When running CAS9DB Utility it ends RC=08 without providing meaningful messages. Job ENFDBINT, commands INIT, INST, LIST.


The most common causes of this high return code are:

  1. There are missing entries in your z/OS SYS1.PARMLIB member IKJTSO00.
    See PDC #'s QI64746 & QI69116 which document the need to have the following modules to IKJTSOXX AUTHCMD section-
    The system AUTHCMD IKJTSOXX settings can be dynamically refreshed with the MVS SET command -

    T IKJTSO=xx where XX = the suffix of your IKJTSO member.

  2. One or more of your product DCMs (Data Collector Modules) cannot be found via STEPLIB nor LINKLIST.

  3. One or more of your product DCMs (Data Collector Modules) that you are installing is not APF authorized.

  4. You have a syntax error in your utility control statements.