CA's position regarding use of the Oracle database with eHealth

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What is CA's position regarding use of Oracle Database with eHealth


CA has always embedded the database that supports the eHealth applications for the purpose of making system administration easier for eHealth customers. Past releases of eHealth were based upon an embedded CA OpenIngres database. The most current releases now feature Oracle (Enterprise Edition) as the embedded database for the eHealth Suite of products. 

Please be assured that CA's focus has never changed regarding the administration of eHealth. The latest product was engineered with the goal to provide an application that is easy to use and should not require a database administrator to be involved in the daily administration of eHealth. Therefore, under the conditions by which an Oracle database is supplied with eHealth there should be no need to have an Oracle DBA to manage the eHealth environment. Furthermore, CA has developed the latest product to include any Oracle functions that are necessary to ensure eHealth operates as defined in product documentation.

Nonetheless, some customers who have full use Oracle licenses still question whether or not their full use license coverage is applicable. The answer is that if the decision is made to use a full use Oracle license for the eHealth database, CA will legally not be able to support any calls that may arise from a database issue under the Embedded Software License (ESL) program. CA would have to refer this type of call to Oracle for any database support. It is also important to note that Oracle will not have any information regarding the eHealth application's database schema. For that reason, it is strongly suggested that any organization running eHealth choose to utilize the license that comes with eHealth and forgo becoming involved in trying to decide which company to call on database support issues.

Another frequent request or concern from customers with full use Oracle licenses is whether or not they can utilize the database monitoring and administration tools they may use as a corporate standard. Please note that in CA's agreement with Oracle, it is allowable to utilize Oracle database tools or other third party tools in a read only mode if desired for monitoring purposes. However, using such tools to write to the database or alter the schema of the database is prohibited.

Please review the Oracle Embedded Software License Program description for further details..

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