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The following messages were received in a BMC MainView task: CARR290E - Error recovery routine entered for CARRZOPD CARR299E - CARRPCZ USS Abend 0FFF: PSW = 070C1001 80FF1BD2 Offset: +0000 CARR295E - R0: 40000001 R1: E038B058 R2: 00041A63 R3: 07420600 CARR296E - R4: 00000000 R5: 00000000 R6: 00000000 R7: 7FDBAA68 CARR297E - R8: 00C66000 R9: AE9D254A RA: 1FF49518 RB: 00C64480 CARR298E - RC: 2A074000 RD: 7E105028 RE: 016FABB6 RF: 00000000 CARR294E - No recovery environment exists - percolating 
The CALLRTM is being issued from task 009ACE88 but is passing the the TCB address 008A59D8. No ENF/USS problem but you would have to contact BMC for the cause of the U4095-BAD3.The abend is being issued from BMC code, BBM0SD30.
 BMC uses U4095 abends in their code and most are just used internally and suppressed from any outward notification (dump, error messages etc.), as was the case here. BMC has a small write-up on this in their support site:

"MainView Infrastructure address spaces routinely use U4095 abends to terminate tasks. In most cases, MainView Infrastructure ESTAE processing suppresses the messages and dump that are associated with the abend.
However, there are times when tasks that are running under IBM UNIX System Services must be terminated. If UNIX System Services has an ESTAE set, that ESTAE attempts to force a dump when the U4095 abend occurs. The only way to prevent the dump from being taken is to use a SLIP command."

The article then supplies a sample SLIP command that would be this specific situation: