Capturing current polled data using odata query builder

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Last Modified Date : 30/10/2018
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How can I capture current polled data for a metric using odata query builder?
CAPM 3.x
It takes time to load data into the database, especially at scale.  The solution is it to provide a time interval to the query, using starttime and endtime parameters to get what you want.  
For example,
odata/api/devices?$&$expand=memorymfs&$select=Name,memorymfs/im_Utilization, memorymfs/Timestamp &starttime=1539973500&endtime=1539973560&top=1

Here is another example of a query from the metric family perspective:
odata/api/memorymf?$orderby=Timestamp desc&$expand=device&$select=ID,DeviceItemID,Timestamp,im_Utilization,device/ID,device/Name&$filter=((Timestamp eq 1539972900))

Another possibility would be to set defaultRateTimeIntervalSecs  = 600 in /opt/IMDataAggregator/apache-karaf-<vers>/etc/ and use &top=1 with the query.  The query will return data for previous poll.  
For example:
odata/api/devices?$&$expand=memorymfs&$select=Name,memorymfs/im_Utilization, memorymfs/Timestamp&top=1