CAPC Global Sync Error

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Last Modified Date : 20/10/2018
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the global synch is failing and when we checked the DMService.log we see an error;

ERROR | pool-4-thread-1 | 2018-10-25 18:58:53,343 | 

| Exception thrown by sync task: org.springframework.dao.DataIntegrityViolationException: StatementCallback; SQL [UPDATE items i INNER JOIN item_members im ON i.ItemID=im.ParentID AND i.ItemType=6 INNER JOIN t_interface o ON i.ItemID=o.ItemID INNER JOIN t_address t ON im.ChildID=t.ItemID SET t.OwnerItemID=i.ItemID, t.OwnerAlternateName=o.AlternateName, t.OwnerItemName=o.ItemName, t.OwnerLifeCycleState=o.LifeCycleState, t.OwnerLifeCycleStateLastChangedOn=o.LifeCycleStateLastChangedOn WHERE (im.UpdatedOn>=1506220653 OR i.UpdatedOn>=1506220653 OR t.OwnerItemID IS NULL)]; Column 'OwnerItemName' cannot be null; nested exception is com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Column 'OwnerItemName' cannot be null


CAPC 3.6

 Per the vendor certification, to assign a component a name this formula is used: 


((isdef(ifName)&&ifName!=empty)?ifName:((isdef(ifDescr)&&ifDescr!=empty)?ifDescr:"Interface " + ifIndex)) + " - " + (ifAlias)


 So for the name to be null, ifName, ifDescr and ifAlias needs to not be present.

use mysql queries to check if there are interfaces with no names, and then find those parents and remove them, or populate the missing info in the device mibs:

mysql netqosportal -unetqos -pnetqos

first check for interfaces:
select sourceid,localid,itemname,itemid, ifdescr, ifname, ifalias, ifIndex from dst_interface where itemname is null;

then find the parent devices:
select itemname from t_device where itemid in (select owneritemid from t_interface where itemid in (select itemid from dst_interface where itemname is null));

and either remove them or fix the missing information