Can't save tickets in CA SDM. "Error calling add_ast, cannot process sla bopevt"

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Last Modified Date : 02/10/2018
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Customer cannot save ticket, they get:

"Error calling add_ast, cannot process sla bopevt.spl:evt::do_new_att_event | bopevt.spl:388:evt::new_attached_event_obj | sla.spl:2436:attached_sla::add_ast Arg 3 of type NIL: expected overide_duration of type DURATION"

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SDM 14.1, 17.1
The Service Type joined to ticket contain Events with "Allow time reseting"  field not selected.

The attribute  "Allow time reseting" (evt.user_settime) allows the user (or system) to override the fire time (delay time) that is defined for an event.

For example, when users add an event to a Service Type, they can redefine the fire time for the event only if the user_settime flag is set.

Otherwise, the fire time defined in the event is used.

 System allows the user to create the event with "user_settime" as 0, however system doesn’t allow such events to be added to the service type.

Once the service type is created with an event having "user_settime=1", it can be used inside any Service Type. If after the event assigned to service type now is changed to "user_settime=0", the problem is reproduced
Review the Event related to Service Type affected. There, the field "Allow time reseting" should is selected:

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Additional Information:
The information can be verified via SQL query:

         select sym from evt where user_settime=0

The events used in the Service Type should not be shown in the results of the query as it should have value=1.